Saturday Night Contest : What's the Date

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Nooooo!!!!!! Someone won. God, I am pissed! Oh well, I tried. Have fun with your Guardians FigureEight.
    I'll get some pizza tonight.
  2. Congrats FigureEIght!
  3. So where is the pic of katie??
    Grats to the winner ...enjoy the cards.
  4. Congratulations!!! Now imagine if you get the silver seal... :)

  5. You don't get it, I had a friggin migrain (can't spell for beans) and I searched through 15 pages of repetitive spam, and right before I had the chance, graaah!
  6. Damn...wasted 30 min writing all answers then come to the winning page...btw what page was it on?
  7. It sucks, doesn't it? Try that while having a pointless conversation about someone Kenner totally forgot about.
    Oh well, pizzazz time!
  8. mm pizza is good.
  9. Wait, 78, that makes kenner, 17?
  10. I guess November 1978....winner was on page the guy who said 27 tssk tssk good job!
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    good job FIGURE
  12. don't get it. It's a contest. FOR FUN! Sorry, but don't be so upset about it and get over it. Every time I think I'm having a bad day, I just think that someone out there is having a worse day.
  13. To get my spirts up i will buy 6 tomorow hint hint T11...send out 11!
  14. My birthday is in October so that makes me 15 in the video. I was born in 1962

  15. hmmm...

    August, 1987
    September, 1987
    October, 1987
  16. oh wow was i late...
  17. I see you didnt take my bribe :rolleyes:
  18. that was me...and kenner... XD I'm such a dork!

    EDIT: That was supposed to quote JB's reply about the person who said 1994. but it didn;t work :S
  19. October 1977
    November 1977
    December 1977
  20. I guess I don't, I get very serious about things.

    What is FUN? Is it a company?

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