Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

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  1. i ment, jack and king are from white deck, didnt waned to edit original post, i hope it counts =(
  2. the joker is from the white monarchs
  3. The Ace, The Jack, The Queen & The King are all from the White Monarchs! (fingers crossed)
  4. queen and joker!
  5. The joker is the only one from the White Monarchs
  6. king is the white. rest are normal
  7. The Jack and the King are from the White Monarchs Deck.
  8. Jack and Queen are from the white Monarchs.
  9. Jack - Regular Monarch
    Queen - White Monarch
    King - White Monarch
    Ace - Regular Monarch
    Joker - White Monarch

    Good luck!
  10. Jack of Diamonds-White Monarch
    Queen of Spades- normal Monarch
    King of Clubs- White Monarch
    Ace of Spades- normal Monarch
    Joker- White Monarch
  11. trick question. None of them are :)
  12. The King is the only white one.
  13. I'm guessing that every card is from the white monarch deck except for the ace of spades.
  14. all but the jack are white monarchs
  15. King white, spade white, queen white. Jack standard, joker standard
  16. Ace of Spades, Jack of Diamonds and Queen of Spades are from white monarchs

    King of Clubs and Joker from standard monarchs
  17. Just want to point out for the comming guesses, look at the ace of spades. The one from the regular one is different than the white monarch one... just sayin :)
  18. Jack, Queen, King, Ace and Joker (all 5) are from the White deck
  19. Jack of diamonds and the joker
  20. All are normal except for the Joker and the King of Clubs.

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