Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

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  1. Normal monarchs:Joker,Ace of spades, Queen of spades
    White Monarchs:King of Clubs, Jack of diamonds
  2. The Ace and King are from the White Monarchs!
  3. King and Joker.

    Good luck to me .... and everyone... but mainly me, because I want them :)
  4. Jack,King and Joker from the normal Monarchs and Queen and ace from the white Monarch deck
  5. Jack and Queen
  6. King,Joker from white

    Jack,queen,ace from normal
  7. Jack, ace and joker are from the white monarchs
  8. Jack, Queen, Ace - White
    King, Joker - Regular
  9. White Monarchs:Queen of spades, Ace of spades, Joker, jack of diamonds
  10. The joker and the queen of spades are from the white monarchs
  11. joker king and queen are white others are normal
  12. Jack and Queen From Standard

    King Ace Joker from White Monarchs
  13. White Monarchs: Jack, Queen, King
    Normal Monarchs: Ace, Joker
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    Joker and the Ace are from the white monarchs
  15. King and Ace white Monachs jack queen and joker standard.
  16. Queen of spades and the joker
  17. All from white monarch
  18. Jack And Queen Are From White!

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