Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

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  1. Last night, we made a mess. I take complete responsibility, and our whole team was awake until 3:00am to recover. We released a limited quantity of the new White Monarch Playing Cards, and even though we QUADRUPLED server capacity yesterday morning, our servers were crushed under the demand.

    We certainly apologize, and to make up for it, we're doubling the release window next week to 500 decks, and at your suggestion, we're changing it to 11:00am EDT next Friday (morning instead of nighttime).

    Tonight’s contest will give you all one free chance to snag a deck of White Monarchs. Here we go!

    Attached to this post is a picture of 5 cards. A Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Joker, all face up. All of these cards are from a deck of Monarchs, but some are from a deck of White Monarchs, and some are taken from the Standard Monarchs. Your job is to correctly predict which card or cards are from the White Monarch Deck!

    Be the first person to post the correct answer in THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST tonight, and you will walk away with an elegant 2 deck set, featuring the limited edition White Monarch Deck, and Standard Edition Monarch's, shipped on the house anywhere in the world.

    Which card or cards are from the White Monarch Deck?


    UPDATE :: The winner has been posted!

  2. the jack of diamonds
  3. QA and Joker From White

    J and K from normal Monarchs!
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    jack queen and joker white monarchs
  5. The Ace and the Queen are from the White Monarch Deck.

    The Jack, King, and Joker and from the Standard Monarch Deck.

    Complete luck but good luck to everyone :)
  6. queen,ace and joker from the white
  7. Hey!

    Standard Monarch, White Monarch, White Monarch, Standard Monarch, White Monarch
  8. Ace, Jack, and Queen are from White Monarchs.
  9. Q of Spades and Joker are from White Monarchs!
  10. Jack, Ace and Joker are from White Monarchs
  11. The jack and joker

    The jack and joker are from the white monarchs
  12. Normal Monarchs:
    Queen Ace King

    Jack Joker
  13. jack and kind are from white deck
  14. jack and ace are white!
  15. Jack and Queen are from normal Monarchs, the Ace, Joker and King are from the white Monarchs :)
  16. queen, king, joker are from white monarchs
  17. the jack, the queen, and the joker are from the white monarchs
  18. The Ace, the king and the joker are from the regular monarch (i guess xd)
  19. White Monarch: Jack & King.
  20. Joker. Is the one. Word count

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