Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, May 26, 2012.

  1. None of them are from white Monarchs
  2. Tricky....there all from white deck, except the ace of spades.
  3. Only Ace is from White Monarchs.
  4. Queen of Spades and Joker are from the White Monarchs
  5. King of clubs and the joker are from the White Monarchs.
  6. im gonna go ahead and guess the ace and the queen are from the white monarch
  7. Jack of Diamonds and Joker from the White mon
  8. Guess:

    The Ace of Spades and the Joker are from the White Monarch deck.
  9. None are from the White Monarchs
  10. Joker (word count).
  11. Ace and Joker from White Monarchs.
  12. Queen of spades
  13. ace and queen of spades
  14. totally random .. i dont have the monarchs ... here it goes

    j of diamonds, q of spades and the joker are from the White Monarchs

    Goodluck to all!!!! ^^
  15. K and Ace are White Monarchs
  16. Snc

    the ace and the joker are the white monarch:)
  17. Clearly the ace and joker has been used, making them the white monarchs. The slight crease makes me feel as if you did not want to waste another pack of limited White Monarchs on the contest, so you used the already open and used deck of White Monarchs on Ace and Joker. The rest would be standard monarchs and they look crisp and clean as if a new deck was used.
  18. Scratch my last post, it's the Jack and queen as theY look the newest and you can see a slight crease in the other three. Thank you.
  19. Jack, ace, queen from white monarchs. King and joker from standard monarchs.
  20. Queen, King and Ace from White Monarchs

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