Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, May 26, 2012.

  1. The Jack, King and Ace are from the regular Monarchs and the Queen and Joker are from the White Monarchs.
  2. Hmmm

    They are all White Monarch
  3. They are all Original Monarch?
  4. queen ace and joker
  5. Time is up! The results are in, and our winner tonight is chandler in post number 28! Congrats! The Jack and Queen were White Monarchs, and the rest standard edition.*

    Stay tuned THIS Friday at 11:00am EDT for our next release window. This time, we hope our servers handle the traffic much better than last. We're doing everything we can to make it happen!
  6. queen of spades & joker
  7. hahah

    WE have the same answer but he answered first... anyways Congrats to the winner..... the secret is the last three cards have a some sort of a crimp or bend in them.... Which explains a little logic that those cards are a little older.... White monarchs are newer.... so that's my reason I think..

    Anyways.. congrats again for the winner!!
  8. JKA White
    Q Joker standard
  9. hey...

    uhm, I don`t want to bother anyone but I put :
    "The Ace, the king and the joker are from the regular monarch (i guess xd)", and I was the comment number 18...why I didn`t win?
  10. queen, ace, jack are normal monarchs king and joker are white monarchs
  11. White-Standard-Standard-White-White
  12. You are correct! The standard edition Monarch's in the picture are from a deck I've been using all week. The White Monarchs are from a deck I just opened this morning. You've got good eyes!
  13. hey, I answered right first, I was the comment number 18, I said: "The Ace, the king and the joker are from the regular monarch (i guess xd)"...why I didn`t win?
  14. Standart-White-Standard-White-Standart
  15. people pls

    I don`t want to sound mad, but please answer me, why I didn`t win if I answered correctly first ?(I insist I was the comment #18: "The Ace, the king and the joker are from the regular monarch (i guess xd)" :confused: I think you didn´t see my comment or something, please check it.
  16. well, i have to say that illusionistyoyoer is right, if he didn't edit his post, he should win!
  17. Hey! Our crew will check into this ASAP. The original post prompt asked which cards were from the White Monarch deck, while your post listed which cards were from the standard edition Monarchs, so it may have confused our judges and gotten accidentally passed over in the process. Regardless, of course, if your answer was correct, and the post is found to be intact and unedited, we will award you a prize as well!
  18. thanks, well I thought "those cards looks a little older than the other two, they might be the regular ones because the other were released lately so it hasn't passed enough time to worn them, so those other two are the white ones " and inmediately posted with that in mind, thats why I answered that way :(

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