Saturday Night Contest - Who is Insane?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. It does look like Andy Nyman, but since there's already been well over three guesses for him, I'm going to say R Paul Wilson.
  2. Geraint Clark
  3. Andy Nyman.
  4. Chad Nelson.
  5. I'm gonna mix things up a bit and guess Christian Engblom. It does worry me though, how certain others are that that is Chad Nelson.
  6. Chad Nelson!!!!
  7. "All will be revealed" is close to "All will be consumed" which is an effect from Chris Wiehl.

    So that is my guess...Chris Wiehl!
  8. I'm going to go with Chad Nelson.
  9. Yep...It's Andy Nyman
  10. Chad Nelson
  11. jesse white is my guess i dont think im right though lol
  12. the guy in the picture.
  13. Chad Nelson
  14. William Draven
  15. Andy Nyman
  16. Chad Nyman just joking
    Andy Nelson.

    okay, for reals, Andy Nyman
  17. Andy Nyman

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