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Saturday Night Contest - Who is Insane?

Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Team member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey guys,

Tonight was a lot of fun. We can't wait to tell you more. For now, we can give you this. The newest theory11 artist, who has come up with some of the best material we have ever seen, is none other than the legend himself, Andy Nyman. His first theory11 release, titled "Insane," is something we cannot wait to share with you. For now, we will let you guess what this mastermind has created, but you will hear more about Insane very soon.

Tonight's winners, randomly chosen from those who guessed Andy Nyman, are magicollie, Lmagic, and Sinsandman! Send me a PM with your details, and as soon as we have Insane ready to ship out, we will send each of you a copy!

From us here at theory11, thanks for playing along tonight! We will see you all next week!

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Dear T11
I Hope Someone will care and read this Post
Guys we Love U from All Over The World
One thing to Point out
SNC timing is not good to us in different countries !!!
We really would like to share to have fun and may be to win some some
Would u just Think about Us !
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