Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

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Jun 5, 2009
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Hey guys, hope you all are having a great evening and have had a wonderful holiday season thus far. 2014 is coming to close, and we couldn't have done it without you. It has been an amazing year for us at theory11, and we are extremely grateful for all of your support. On behalf of the entire theory11 team, thank you!

As 2015 approaches, we start to reflect on what we did throughout the course of the entire year; what we practiced, our successes and failures, our biggest accomplishments, achieving personal goals, etc. We thought it would be a good idea to reflect on just that - our year in review.

All you have to do to enter this week is to tell us what your biggest accomplishment or greatest memory in magic or cardistry of this last year was - and what you hope to achieve in the year ahead (one paragraph on each topic).

Write in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, December 28th. After time is up, we will choose three people at random to take home 1,000 Elite Member Points and 1 Deck of the new Black Edition Mystery Box Playing Cards!

We look forward to seeing your responses, and what goals you will set for yourselves in 2015!
My Biggest Accomplishment this year was opening for a friend of mine who is a musician, I got an article in the paper and I have been studying mentalism for as long as I have practiced magic. and I ended my show with some psychological tricks and tests, And I ended by trying to put someone into hypnosis. it was going well, but i wasn't sure if he went under or not. I told him to go to his happy place, and when he woke up he said it was his summer house and explained it in detail! like he was actually there moments before! I put my first subject into hypnosis, I'm only 18 years old!

Next year, I have been studying mentalism hard and practicing my illusions and I hope to do my first solo show sometime late next year. I have been practicing and studying hard. people already know me as a magician so I bet it will go well!
Dec 3, 2013
As a cardist, I always strive to enhance my skill as much as possible. However, the most productive way to do that is with others. This past year, I was blessed to have the opportunity to jam with many cardists and learn from them to the extent of being able to flourishes that seemed impossible when I could only do a Charlier cut. These cardists taught me so much and now I feel like I can do anything with a deck in my hand. And let me tell you, learning from others is way better than sitting on a couch in front of a computer all day.
Next year, I want to be able to go out and meet other cardists and see the different styles of flourishing that embody cardistry. I hope by bringing cardists together and jamming, it will in turn bring the whole community closer. Of course, I won't be able to do this single handedly. But, cardistry is such a large thing now, I doubt it will be hard.
Dec 28, 2011
This year was awesome for me because i could learn a lot more such as a magician and as a person ^^.so i am glad about that.And in this incoming 2015 i want to grow and become famous for my magic.But, i remember when i did a great show in my class for everyone, i will remember that for ever ^^


Fran Dc
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Aug 31, 2007
My best magic memory this past year was giving time to do magic for a Lukeys Light Foundation fundraiser - a foundation that wants to help kids get home from the hospital by helping to supply needed medical equipment. What a privilege to be able to support them.
This year I want to complete my script for my new show and use it.
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Sep 8, 2012
Quebec, Canada
My biggest accomplishment this year is getting my Private Pilot Licence. It's a huge accomplishment because it has taken me a while and a fair amount of income has been thanks to a few magic gigs, thanks to a lot of stuffs I've been learning from this amazing site. My next goal is my commercial licence and keep getting better in every aspect and always, try to include magic in those aspects.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
Jul 9, 2011
My greatest memory of this past year is all the new friendships that i have been blessed with. Great friends, great times and great memories are being/will be made.

For 2015 I will strive to achieve a even higher skill level and creativity level in cardistry. and create my first real flourish tutorials to publish. I am looking forward to the new year and look back on this past year with a big smile on my face.


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Jun 22, 2014
Like many here, I've always loved magic. But sadly, I grew up in a culture and time where it was discouraged and not popular with the people in my life, and so, I never had the opportunity to develop my interest further. Earlier this year, however, I discovered the world of custom playing cards, and along with it, Cardistry and Card Magic. Since then, I've had a number of accomplishments as I've progressed from complete beginner to avid learner; from the discovery of classic effects, buying beautiful decks of playing cards, and getting to know the ever-advancing magic community here at Theory 11. Yet, the biggest accomplishment for me came when I created my first Card Flourish and Card Effect. The time and effort put into developing each was as thrilling as the time spent troubleshooting each to make them as practical and visual as possible.

In the new year, I naturally hope to begin learning more complex card flourishes and effects as I develop my skill, but my main goal is to start filming some of these flourishes and effects and submitting at least one to The Wire for review - to simultaneously exercise my handling, performance and production skills. Am very much looking forward to 2015!
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Jun 13, 2013
This year I began cardistry, I have made numerous talented friends doing this, and I discovered my true passion. I recently was able to get a camera and film my first cardistry video, and published it on youtube.
Jul 1, 2014
I used to do both Magic and Cardistry, but this year, after having been accepted to the University, I decided to turn completely to Cardistry. I have to confess that it was a tough choice. Magic is really amazing, everybody knows that. But Cardistry has its own attractiveness. There are many people out the doing both of them, but I cannot because the pressure of studying is too big. So I can only choose one. And I chose Cardistry. The reason is that with Cardistry, somehow I have that kind of feeling I can express myself more. I can create my own style and people can recognize me through my moves. I do not deny Magic, as it's an amazing artform. I still watch Magic, and I'm still impressed a lot by what Magicians all over the world can do. But I'm really pleased with my decision, Cardistry is the best hobby for me now.

In 2015, I'll keep practising to achieve higher level , trying to learn new moves from other cardists, and basing on that, I hope can create more of my original material. And also, I hope to get my flourishes to be published on the Wire.

Hope for all the best my friends :)

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
It started with an idea... we were 11 magicians on the city and we wanted to do a theater show all sounded like a great one... 11 magicians in an all-star show... and the first magic show in the city, made by local magicians...

But as many ideas, it required a lot of work, and 10 of them decided to just forget it and keep doing their stuff... all but one... that one was me!!

I decided to do a theater show all by myself... it wouldn´t be a "big" show per se... the theater could only hold 300 people and it was a lot of doubt from the goverment office that owned the theater, since it has never been a precedent on this kind of event. But since I decided to rent it, they decided to just let me do it.

I started to work on the routines, and very quickly I realized that wasn´t the real challenge. I had to get countless permits, from the police, to the Cultural Institute and the goverment, I had to pay lots of money. But I decided to not give up.

The magicians that wanted to do the show were enraged when they found out and they said it was "our" idea... so they told me to "share" the glory... they told me I should do half show and the rest of them would do the other half...

I told them I wouldn´t share it and decided to leave the group.

I went on with the preparations and everyday I practice more and more, lots of nights went on practicing my patter, my skill and so. I realize it was somewhat easy, since I had lots of gigs before, but I wasn´t so sure of some of the routines, since they were completely new and I didn´t have the chance to test them until the show...whatever I going in anyway.

The tickets are a completely different matter. I received the tickets just 1 month before the show, since the goverment bureacrats were very slow to seal them. I started selling them and to my dismay, It was a real slow sell... by 2 weeks before the show I only had 100 tickets sold and around 50 "reserved"

I was discouraged since that didn´t cover the costs of the show... fortunately for me I had some people that believed in me and some companies decided to sponsor some costs of the show and I suddenly I was EVEN

I keep practicing, promoting and selling some tickets the weeks before. But then I realize that people always leave this things to the end... the last week I sold 160 more tickets and the theater sold the rest... I had a SOLD OUT

I was extremely happy!! and I practiced even more and the day came.

I can only say that even when the show was far from perfect... I did it!! I still can´t believe I did it... and I got lots of great critics, new clients, gigs, some fame.

I think the most greatest memory in magic this year was the feel in the minutes before the show... those 300 people had PAY money to see me... there was no other performer, no other attraction, I wasn´t a part of a bigger was just me and the stage. I´ll never forget that responsability, to know that I was the center of everything and that we as magicians have that entertain and deliver a GOOD SHOW no matter the cost and circunstances... you have to give your best because the people is expecting it!!

And then I heard my name... and got out on the stage in a sound of applauses... yep...this is it... So I started...


What I have planned for next year?... just keep working...but in specifics... a new theater show...bigger than the last one, perform in the biggest theatre in the center of Mexico, publish some stuff and just keep growing!!
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Nov 27, 2011
quick and simple (no paragraphs):
my biggest accomplishment this year was to perform for a local television production; doing 30 minutes of a Houdini themed stage show.

what i hope to achieve in 2015 is more and more shows. i've been invited to be part of the monthly magic show in Indy in Feb.

Dean Magic

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Jun 13, 2013
This year was really exciting for me because I got the opportunity to do my first paid magic show. I only made $10 for a not-so-good 20 minute show but it was still really exciting for me. After only a year and a half of learning and practicing magic I was getting money to do what I love. It ended up leading to me performing monthly shows for a Sunday School class. I'm actually doing a Christmas themed show tomorrow that's going to be twice as long as what I've normally done. It should be a lot of fun and I'm really excited!

Next year will be very exciting because I will finally reach the start of my 3rd year in magic! I have so many plans and goals for next year. I want to release my first effect (hopefully here on the wire) and even more if I can. My Youtube channel only has one video now and I definitely want to increase that. I just started a Twitter page that I want to grow as well as my Instagram account which got to almost 40 followers this year! Ultimately all of my goals for next year can be summed up into the goal to really just get my name out there and find my place in the magic community. Next year I start my junior year of high school and I want to prove to myself, as well as a few other people, that I can actually make magic into my career. I know that it will be a lot of fun as well as a lot of work but I can't wait!
Oct 28, 2014
I actually started magic this year, magic has always intrigued me and I finally made the leap toward my dream a couple of months ago. Over just the past few months I have learned a huge variety of effects, my most jaw dropping probably being the rising, haunted, or invisible deck and have created quite the rep at school because of it. I focus more on magic than I do cardistry and this is probably because I have just started but I intend to increase my skill in that very soon.
My greatest accomplishment would probably be making the leap toward the dream. I have always been fascinated by magic and tried to start a long time ago but never dove as deep as I have now. Magic means a lot to me and I intend for it to be a big part of who I am for the rest of my life.
Thanks for reading
Dec 5, 2014
My biggest achievement this year is when I do magic to people and I see that they're happy of my performance that makes me happy too and I also perform magic in our school and because of it I was featured in our campus newspaper.

This 2015, I will strive more to be featured in national newspaper or even WORLDWIDE newspaper. Yes, It's a big thing but I know that's not impossible to achieve. Because I do believe that in magician's vocabulary there's no such word as IMPOSSIBLE!

PS: Sorry for my grammar. :D

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
This last year I feel like I grew quite a bit as a performer. My greatest achievement is my ongoing review series that includes nearly every Murphy's Lecture. I have more subscribers to my You Tube channel then ever before and feel like my performances get better and better as they go by.

I would love to transition to performing more gigs and growing my clientele. I have the opportunity to perform at the Salt Lake Comic Con officially and hope that this will open up some wonderful doors.
Jan 29, 2014
This year I decided that I have had enough practice and decided to go out and perform for some people. At my school I thought why not try some stuff out so I would perform for people when we were done our work and got probably the best reactions I have ever received (besides my grandma) I thought I would continue performing, so that's what I did. I performed in front of strangers and friends. Then I got the guts to perform for the guy who got me started with magic my great uncle, and he was blown away and told me I had some great talent. Hearing that from him made me believe I could get somewhere. So now I perform a lot, I just love seeing the looks on peoples faces when something magical happens it makes people feel happy when they may not be so seeing that is probably my greatest accomplishment. Magic has also helped me cope with crappy things that have happened, and when doing magic and seeing smiles makes me feel good to know that even though I have had a rough time I can make someone else feel happy when I may not an when practicing it gives me a way out, I forget about whats happening.
I have just created a new youtube channel and also plan on making tons of videos in the new year (maybe at sorcerers safari magic camp if I ever get the money) I also plan on maybe releasing a couple of new things I came up with. I also hope to meet some young magicians I can hang with as I know none in person. I also want to perform to people who dont always get thet chance to see magic happen or are experiencing a rough time like in a hospital or at a local food bank.

I hope everyone had a great year!
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Brett Hurley

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Sep 27, 2014
Texa$, with a dollar sign
I was medically retired in October. Diagnosed with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Shortly before I was retired, I discovered magic and cardistry after researching kids magic for my daughter. Staying alive has been the biggest accomplishment I made this year. Numerous times, I didn't think I could do it; but family, good therapists, good meds, cardistry, and magic have all played a part in bringing me back from the void. Magic has given me a goal to aspire towards and cardistry has given me the immediate benefit of doing something non-self-destructive with my hands. There is a healing power in magic and cardistry. Whenever the stress is too high or I get a flashback; I take out my trusty Bicycle deck and one-handed cardistry to the rescue.

Becoming comfortable in performing for others and being around people in general is my biggest goal for next year. Not being so hyper-vigilant and distrustful of others. My magic related goal from the beginning is to perform for a local children's hospital. That reality WILL happen in 2015. I don't aspire to make a living or a profit from magic due to my condition. I just want to be strictly a volunteer magician--a good magician that promotes the art. I don't have much of a goal for cardistry other than to seek out more one-handed flourishes and hopefully make some good cardistry videos with a story or a message behind them.
Dec 5, 2014
I think the greatest memory from the past year was finally being able to purchase and watch all of Bill Malone's "Malone Meets Marlo" DVDs. I'm no expert on card magic, nor do I feel I will ever be able to claim that, but I feel I learned a lot just from watching this set. I won't use everything in there as there's way too much material, but I feel there is enough to warrant what I paid for it, and truly believe I'll still be using this material years down the line as well.

As for what comes next, All I'm really hoping for is to be able to book a show and actually earn some money doing what I love to do. I feel I have the skills and personality to pull off something like this, and I'm ready to get out there and start doing something more than just street magic, so an actual show is probably my biggest goal for the coming year.


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Dec 7, 2013
Dallas, TX
Wow, it has been a big year for myself as a magician indeed, I have learned so much, and gained a better resolve to learn and practice harder. Thanks go to my family first and foremost for being supportive, and being critical towards my performances.
My biggest accomplishment has to be the breakthrough I discovered in my performing abilities. Lately I have learned how to connect with my audience, how to get them to laugh with me, and enjoy my performances even if I make a slight mistake.

Thanks also go to the forum community here for helping me learn in all areas of this wonderful craft. Take it to the next level in 2015 comrades!
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