Saturday Night Contest - Your Best Trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, May 28, 2016.

  1. Here is my entry Gamblers Triumph. Enjoy!!!
  2. Mind blown after watching the entries so far!
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  3. This something I've created. No gimmicks involved.
    Good luck to everyone..!!
  4. This may look a bit familiar, but it is because this is my best trick and I will continue to get better at it until I can win a contest with it.

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  5. A little routine that I've created. Good luck everyone. I see potential winners :)
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  6. Thought I'd do a vanish, hope I uploaded it properly.
    Good luck to all.

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  7. Here's my take on the card finding plot. I call it Impostor

    Good luck to all involved,
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  8. This is my entry Best of luck to everyone
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  9. It's one of my top 3 best trick, i love it doing it live, which makes more sense than in video.
    The other 2 requires talking, and i rather speak in my native language, so i did this one instead.
    I hope i expressed enough through gesture, this is something i really love performing at a table

  10. Interesting... That seems like the kind of trick that would either work amazingly and get great reactions or fail pretty bad. I would be curious to see that used on some actual spectators and see what they think. Either way, good job.
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  11. That was wonderful
  12. I wonder what the judging criteria would be for this contest. There are some pretty good entries that can easily be considered for the contest "fool us" too

  13. here is my SNC entry
    good luck to all
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  14. Best Trick as it gets the best reactions.

    If there's any concern about revelation please inform me immediately so I cant take it down. Hope its cleanly performed. :)
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  15. Had a glitch going on and had trouble logging into the forums.

    Here is a video I threw together in a few minutes.

    Nothing special, Just blowing of steam.

    It was Muted due to the music...Shorter video can be found on my instagram.
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  16. Thanks to everyone for entering! Tons of great entries, and we will have a winner chosen by tomorrow.
  17. It usually doesn't fail.
    When it does, it's because you perform in narrow spaces (that is for a camera, for example).
    The camera keeps everything in focus, the human eye doesn't, since i couldn't show it to the T11 staff live, i had to film it ^^
    But i assure you that the card under anything is the best bar/pub/restaurant/any table trick, expecially if there is a messy environment (but make sure to clean a little the area, in order not to hit anything in the way back).
    Check out David Stone to see a professional performance of this with an audience!

    Anyway i didnt want to do a "Fool Theory11" effect, netiher a "Create an original effect", this is in my top tier working magic.
    So sometimes it fails on camera obviously, and if you fail it live, which usually won't happen (but might, i am far from being a perfect magician), palm the glass and do the "glass under card" instead!

    PS: it would be a nice thread to discuss about various Loads in table working!
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