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Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Hope everyone has had a great weekend thus far! One month ago, we celebrated our fourth anniversary here at theory11. With a lot of hard work, coupled with your support, we have been more active than ever before. Four weeks ago, after four years, we finally unveiled and released The Wire. A transformative platform for the publication of magic and cardistry. The Wire empowers you to create, produce, and publish your own material.

Hot off release of The Wire, we thought it was time for another edition of our roundtable discussions. This week, we'll be talking all about The Wire.

With each roundtable discussion, you have the chance to ask any question you wish. We will answer as many questions as possible in a podcast to be posted later tonight. Ask anything you wish - from advice on how to get your effects approved, to how to improve and increase your production quality.

Within the podcast posted later tonight, we'll discuss our vision for the future of the platform, answer your questions, and share as much as advice as possible to help you succeed. I'll be joined by select members of our crew and panel, including Andrei Jikh.

You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to post your questions, at which time we will begin recording. One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will take home a brick of Aristocrats, shipped on the house! Looking forward to a great discussion tonight!

UPDATE :: The podcast has been posted! You can listen to it now here.
Mar 6, 2010

Hey Theory11! My question is, how do you feel and do you have any power to control copiers from developing something similar to the Wire? Thanks.


Feb 9, 2010
What do you think will be the most important thing to come out of the Wire and why? This could be something psychologically or physically.
Sep 6, 2011
My question is if you posted something on the Wire, would this trick completely belong to Theory11m, or could I sell this trick to other websites?
May 28, 2011
How did you filter the entry?
I mean.. it is about the shoot quality? Duration? or else ?
thanks :)
Jul 18, 2010
How do you feel about ethical decisions involving unoriginal material that got through the filters? Is it on the artist to make the decision to take a product down?


May 3, 2009
i hope youll undersnated

its about copy of wire, do you have it patented? plan to patent or any law license that i cant be copy? if not will you consider making one?


Sep 4, 2010
Do you guys think the wire will be a huge hit in the future, or do you think it'll go downhill?


Elite Member
Dec 20, 2010
Why The Wire take 4 years to develop? What is the process behind it?(the law, the team, the idea and etc..) What make it so powerful beside you can create your own effect and publish it? Your 4 years of hard work can be easily copiedd by Penguin magic within weeks. Why within this last 4 years there is no such trend or platform to be publicly announce that you can publish, create and sell your own trick?(i mean, why no other company think of this idea, until now). Thanks
Mar 21, 2011
Apart from timing, what's the difference between submitting a trick to Theory11 and submitting a trick to the Wire?
Aug 14, 2010
Hey! Here is my question , "Was this the initial intension of the Wire or did the idea develop and transform as it was in the works?"


Elite Member
Aug 14, 2010
A second question: Do you think a "trick of the year" such as Dresscode will be sold in the Wire?
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