Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

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  1. What if there are similiar content on the other website (magic store) ?
    any next step to solve that ?

  2. Hi,
    I want to know what you do if you get a video with pretty bad quality but the trick itself is absolutly amazing.
  3. what is more important when accepting an effect to the wire, the production value or the effect?
  4. Why are there not so many free downloads?
    is it that people dont submit free effects

    will t11 rather have the effects on the wire than to produce new ones?
  5. I think theory11 shouldn't advertise ANY the.Wire product. that makes it an even playing ground for all. do the theory11 crew agree?
  6. How can you make a good looking trailer for your product and how can the production value be increased?
  7. Let's say I have my own handling of a Coin Routine. And lets say it uses the Han Pen Chien move. Are the only tricks that you are accepting for The Wire completely original, or do you also accept different handlings? Or is more a case by case basis?
  8. I love how innovative the idea of the wire is. So was this the original purpose for Theory 11, or a long shot idea that you guys had as a side idea to the online magic community/store?
    How do you think the wire will affect magic sales for your site?
    How/when did the idea first come to you?
  9. Do you plan to keep developing the wire? Sort of like, do the download links only work once? And there's a different one every time? Thanks!

  10. Do you think people might be branded as "Wire" magicians like people are branded as Youtube Magicians and be lest respected(or maybe even more respected)?
  11. If a Wire trick gets rejected, will the team ever tell you why it was rejected?
  12. What would be your best advice on the production and editing of submissions?
  13. What stopped the wire from coming out earlier (not that I'm at all disappointed/mad with the timing)?
  14. Will there be any more features added to the wire? If so what will it be?
  15. How does Theory11 feel about the intentions of the members who submit videos? There may be a large portion of members who create these videos just for the money, rather than out of passion for the art. If this is a concern, how is it being addressed?
  16. How thorough are the originality checks?
  17. What is going to happen to the compatibilty issues with the wire. As trying various computers over the UK, theory11 struggles to open and features longer loading times than other such similar sites. With these issues, are we going to see them increase so to keep a higher user base?
  18. For those members who wish to collaborate on a release (someone has a good effect, but they know someone who would be better suited to film and produce it for them, for example), is there any way for each member of the team to be paid individually for the single release or would one member of the team have to be trusted to accept and distribute the money to the rest of the team in a fair manner? And to extend on that further, if it must be paid to one member of the team, are there any legal avenues one could take to protect themselves financially in such a situation (just some broad suggestions would be fine, since obviously there are different laws in the various states and countries)?

    Thanks for hosting yet another Roundtable! I look forward to hearing it. :)
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    1. How is it decided that a product is "good enough" for The Wire? Is there a boad of people who review the effect? Is it just one person deciding? Does it have to be a certain quality?

    2. What are some ideas that Theory11 is planning on in order to make "The Wire" better?
  20. Why is it called, "The Wire?"

    Who thought of the name?

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