Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. If something was unintentionally copied from a previous effect will you guys address it specifically so it can be fixed?
  2. Could you be sued for any copy rights? And are you worried about it?
  3. Did PenguinMagic copy "The Wire" from Theory11, or did Theory11 copy "The Wire" from them?

    If the latter is true, does it affect your opinion on PenguinMagic? How soon do you think is too soon to copy an idea like this?
  4. I know it's been said that if you don't have explicit permission from the creator of a move, it can't be used, so just giving credit isn't enough. However, what if it's a variation of the move, or an expansion of the idea? If I have an idea to expand upon Geoff Williams' "I hate David Copperfield" effect, and I give credit to him for inspiration, is that ok? Or, if a move from somewhere else inspired a move I created, for example, Chris Brown's Venus Trap control inspired one of my own, and it works totally different from his, would that be accepted?
  5. winning question

    How will you ensure that. a trick submitted to The Wire is truly original?
  6. If you had to give credits about the wire to one person who would it be?

    Like the above question, in whose head did the wire hatch and where?

    How was the thought process behind it's creation, where and how did the theory11 team come together that lead to it's creation?
  7. My question, much like Jacob L's, can adaptations and handling of certain moves be inputted as previously done on Theory 11? I have a move that can be applied to many other concepts in card magic, but it's a more in-depth technique of a concept that was barely touched on before and published in the magic community. Please denote details if any.
  8. Will 1 on 1 be cancel after the wire release? Because both are similar.
  9. Awesome questions coming in - 10 minutes left to submit more! Looking forward to a great discussion tonight. We start recording in 10 minutes!
  10. You guys probably receive many many effects, so it's probably impossible for one or even two people to go through them all. Who do you have to decide what gets published and what doesn't?

    On the same topic of receiving a lot off effects, seeing as how you probably DO receive such a large number, how do you keep up with copyright laws? What if a creator leaves out a credit? It must get really difficult to keep up with who created what.
  11. is there any age restrictions by the way ??
  12. Great discussion tonight! The podcast has been posted! You can listen to it now here. Right click on that link and hit Save Link As to save it to your computer. Our prize tonight, randomly selected, goes to Casey for his question submitted this evening. Congrats - enjoy the Aristocrats!
  13. wait who won the brick of aristocrats?
  14. Like the post above you says, "Casey."

    Just how random was the random selection?

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