Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

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  1. 1. What is your all-time favorite book outside of magic?
    2. What is your all-time favorite movie?
    3. Who do you think would win in a fight: a guy with a rusty saw, or a guy with a rake?
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  2. 1 - what was your worst stuff up when performing?
    2 - how did you handle it?
    3 - what's your favourite deck of cards?
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  3. 1. What was the greatest compliment you have ever received?
    2. Was it difficult to balance being a university student and a performer or did that come naturally for you and what helped you to fully embrace being a performer over being a student?
    3. What other creator do you most respect and why?
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  4. 1. When did you first began doing magic?
    2. What is the worst thing possible to do while performing magic?
    3. What is your advice for other magicians?
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  5. First off I want to thank Theory 11 for this opportunity. I apologize to every magician out there (although I regret nothing.) when I say this: Blake Vogt is by far my favorite magician. I look up to him and admire him, and I am glad that I found out about him through Theory 11.

    Second off I want to wish everybody good luck. Whoever wins will have me cheering for them; and I would consider getting any of my question even roughly close to being asked a victory.

    Now for my questions.

    1) Who was your father figure in magic?
    2) When you were younger did your family support you in magic or did you have to fight your way through alone.
    3) In your opinion what is they best way to build up/use magic? In other words is it best too be fun and connect with people. Is it best to be mysterious. And so on.

    Once again thank you Theory 11, and good luck Blake with you television appearance!
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  6. 1. At what age were you sure that magic was going to become your career, and what made you realize?
    2. Do you prefer creating new magic effects alone or with other people? What's it like?
    3. What are the most valuable lessons/traits that becoming involved with magic has given you?
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  7. 1. Out of all of the different variations and performances of Regeneration that are out there, do you have a favorite?
    2. If you had an extra hour each and every day, what would you do with it?
    3. Is there any effect that you wish you could keep to yourself?
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  8. 1. What do you think is the most over-used effect in magic?
    2. What is an effect or sleight that is under-used? (something not a lot of people learn/perform that you think they should)
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  9. Is it harder to creat a new effect or a "twist" in an old one??

    Do you ever get nervous while performing??
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  10. 1) Tips on how to deal with skeptical people while performing?
    2) How much your magic is influenced by your personality?
    3) What do you think about magic effects tutorials on youtube?
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  11. hi blake! :)

    1. When did you start performing for live audiences? and what makes you want to do that?
    2. How do you get your confidence to go out and perform for audiences?
    3. what magic means to you?

    edo huang
  12. 1. When you are about to perform for a large audience, what process do you go through to mentally prepare yourself?
    2. Why do you personally think that magic, as a form of entertainment, appeals to such a wide variety of people?
    3. What advice could you give to a young aspiring magician who has a desire to ascend the ranks, just as you have achieved?
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  13. 1) How the idea to perform on America's Got Talent jumps in your mind ?
    2) Do you prefer close-up or scene ?
    3) What is the magic trick that you want to learn ?
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  14. First and foremost, congratulations on your marriage to your best friend :) was awesome to see some pics. If anyone has Twitter, I suggest you follow Blake, as he has some awesome videos that he puts up.

    1. Will you be following the likes of Steve Cohen and Dan White and have your own show where you are the magician, front and centre?
    2. We've been lucky enough to see you on TV, performing on AGT, Fool Us and Wizard Wars. Are there any future TV appearances you'll be performing your magic on?
    3. One of my favourite tricks ever is Regeneration. On Wizard Wars, you and Chris Funk did an awesome 2 man variation of Regeneration for Penn & Teller. Is there a possibility that these gimmicks will be released in the future?

    Here's a link for those who are curious

    Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to whatever you have planned in 2017 :)
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  15. Hi everyone and hi Blake! Here there are my questions:
    1. What do you think the future of magic will look like? Will it be dominated by visual tricks done for camera?
    2. Do you agree that there's a larger market for selling and buying magic rather than for performing? What do you think about that?
    3. Regarding the new generations of magicians, which good and bad sides do you find in them?
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  16. 1. How different it is to consult for movie than to consult a magician?
    2. What would be your advice to someone who is planning to perform for a show on TV regarding what kind of tricks work better on TV? Or What kind of effects the producer might like?
    3. If you are allowed to take only 3 things (Gimmick, Prop or a non magic thing) with you excluding wallet and phone, what would those 3 things would be?
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  17. 1. If you are not a magician, what would you be?
    2. what is your worst experience as a magician?
    3. When did you realize that you will do magic as a profession?
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  18. 1.At what age did you start to practice tricks?
    2.What in your opinion is the most beautiful deck of cards?
    3.Who is the most famous magicians was an idol for you as a child?
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  19. 1. What is your favourite magic book/series of magic books?
    2. What is your favourite magic trick that is not created by you?
    3. How it was on AGT? What were your feelings?

    I think that I made some big gramma mistakes, but I'm not sure lol :D
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  20. Hey Blake, huge fan right here. Here are some questions for you.

    1. Do you even get nervous while performing?

    2. When you were barely coming up did you ever want to give up?

    3. Is there anything that bugs you about the magic community?
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