Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

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  1. 1) what is your favorite trick?
    2) what is your favorite deck of cards?
    3) when did you start doing magic?
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  2. 1.) If you could do something differently, whether it be on AGT or regarding something else, what would it be?
    2.) How do you open up when performing street magic? Any tips or openers that could help others new to performing to strangers?
    3.) Was a casual and fun loving performer always your style whilst performing or you had a different performance style maybe in the past? It would be cool to see you perform with a mysterious presence :p
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  3. 1)what is the very first trick you preformed
    2)why do you love magic?
    3)have you ever thought of performing mentalism as well?
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  4. 1) What's the most important element of presenting magic?
    2) What's the downside of magic most people don't think about?
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  5. 1) where does your inspiration come from?
    2) what do you do when you hit a roadblock in the creative process?
    3) who is your favorite magician?
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  6. 1.) Has Magic ever gotten you out of trouble (marriage life or otherwise)?
    2.) Have you ever used magic in bed...?
    3.) Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
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  7. 1. What has been the hardest part of performing on TV?
    2. How do you challenge yourself to keep grounded in magic?
    3. What would you be doing without magic in your life?
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  8. How important is it for you to surround yourself with like minded friends and magicians in forwarding your craft?

    How do you pick what trick you pick for televised appearances?

    Has your experience on AGT changed the way you approach performances?

    (I like invisible card but I wish the prize was regeneration ;) )
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  9. 1) Not how you got into magic, but why magic?
    2) What is the most frequent mistake you see magicians do?
    3) Do you really want your audience to believe in the magic you are performing or do you just want them to be entertained?
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  10. I was watching that and sweating when the hosts were very insistent on moving,and then Blake had to man-handle them - maybe a little hyperbole but at some points you could see the hosts look a little uncomfortable with that. I'm sure anyone who has Regeneration felt similarly though!
    Tough performing situations man! Still, still great job Blake!
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  11. Holy cow! Those hosts were hard on Blake... but Blake emerged victorious!
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  12. Anyone else feel proud at the mention of Theory 11? It was the first time I've ever heard it mentioned on TV. Excellent performance Blake!
  13. Yes , I showed my mom the video and told her that this is the magic community I am a part of. :cool:
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  14. Yet another reason why he is my favorite magician. Always willing to do what needs to be done, but always sneaky enough not to make it too obvious.
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  15. Saw the clip online. Loved it.

    And shoutout to the great Mr. Jamie D. Grant, whose effect "Industrial Revelation" Mr. Voight performed (with a Monarch deck no less :D).
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  16. When will the winner be announced?
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  17. Been busy with Blake all week, but recording the podcast very shortly!
  18. Thank you for all the work you do! Any idea when it will be released?
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    Alright guys, the podcast has been posted! You can listen to it right here. Huge thanks to Blake Vogt for answering these questions!

    The winner chosen at random is CWhite. Congrats! Please contact our support team to claim your prize!

    We hope everyone has a great rest of the week. New contest on Saturday!

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