Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

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  1. Who is your favourite magician in case of creativity?
    What are your plans for future in magic?
    Where would you like to travel (any place in the world)?
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  2. What are your thoughts on YouTube exposure?
    What was the first magic trick you ever learnt and performed?
    How often do you practise on each area of magic? (Cards, coins, mentalism e.t.c.) ?
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  3. Your performances are very natural, but do you have a degree of persona/character act when you perform or are you the same as in real life?

    What gives you more enjoyment, performing a great illusion or creating a great illusion?

    How relevant is magic today? As important a form of entertainment as say, 50 years ago or even more relevant?
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  4. What showmanship advice would you give to a beginner?

    What is your favorite magic trick you've ever created?

    How often do you practice magic?
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  5. Blake, its very late but congratulations are in order for you and your wife, best of luck to you both.

    1. How does performing magic affect your personal, daily life?
    2. When going through the final stages of creating a new effect, what ways do you experiment or "test" it out?
    3. How many times do you remember messing up in front of an audience?
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  6. Everyone get's burnt out at times with their job even if it is what they love - what do you do when you take a step away?

    When is the last time you were totally stumped by an effect - and of course what was that effect?

    Has you ever been created an effect you were totally excited about but the reactions weren't there, and thus scrapped the idea?
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  7. Hello Blake,

    What is the trick that you like to perfom the most?

    How often do you perform magic on the street?

    What would you recommend to master first as a beginner?

    Have a nice day :)
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  8. 1. Regeneration is easily your most popular trick and by far my favourite. You performed an alternative version where two cards where regenerated on their opposite cards. Will this gimmick ever be released?

    2. Dan White has appeared on The Tonight Show on many occasions, will you follow suit at any point and make an appearance or two? The Roots would be even more freaked out with your stuff.

    3. Any tips on how to create an original magic trick? What is your thought process in creating something that has never been done before?
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  9. 1.) Have you worked with Dan White on any trick that has been released in the past?

    2.) Have you ever performed alongside with Dan White in the past?

    3.) Any future collaborations in the works with Dan White or anyone else for an upcoming release?
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  10. 1.) Have you ever gotten caught performing this effect?

    2.) How easy and practical is it?

    3.) Do you know of any alternative way to vanish a phone? Which is better?
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  11. Are there any non-magic-related activities that you do that inspire your magic creation?
    What was your favourite reaction that you've ever gotten like?
    What is the best piece of advice you've gotten from a fellow magician?
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  12. You know what's more impressive is?
    The Patience with which, everyone who posted here, is.
    This shows how we as members of this forum matured during all these SNCs
    Sorry if you thought the results were posted :p
  13. So...did they just kinda forget to pick a winner?
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  14. I don't think they've forgotten. The winner is most likely being picked by Blake in the actual podcast, when it airs.
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  15. Winner will be chosen when podcast is posted. Been very busy the past two weeks with new releases and travel/events so we are getting this posted very soon. We haven't forgotten - just unfortunate timing.
  16. Alright guys, it's finally here - The Phone Vanish Podcast! To apologize for the long wait, we were able to get both Blake Vogt AND Dan White to come on together to discuss The Phone Vanish and your questions. You can listen to it right here.

    We selected a member at random who asked a question and that member is azaanq. Congrats! Please contact our support team with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP.

    See you in 30 minutes for the new SNC!
  17. It's all good man. Thanks for the update!
  18. Thanks everyone for participating in this - great questions, and we had a blast recording this!

    Podcast link here:
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