Saturday Night Roundtable - James Dickson

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  1. What is the gimmick-making process like?
    In your opinion, is it harder to create an original effect that utilizes a gimmick or an original effect that is non-gimmicked (and why)?
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  2. Did not have the time to read all of the other replies so I hope I am getting in original questions.... 1. What is one other classic trick you think should be revamped and made easier to do/easier to present/more audience friendly/better in general. 2. What magicians have you drawn the most inspiration from? 3. What was the first thing you did in magic to make money with? (example: doing a show, creating and selling a trick)
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  3. Okay here goes!
    1. How do you approach a classic effect when you want to redesign the routine?
    2. How far would you go to find a workable method (any stories to tell)?
    3. What is your best moment in magic?
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  4. Do you secretly idolize anyone (could be anyone - not just magicians :p)?
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  5. For you, is a strong effect with a cumbersome set-up worth the trouble (assuming a better method can't be devised)?

    In which setting do you usually use Aberdeen?

    What aspects of tricks are most important to you (i.e., ease of use, ending clean, ungimmicked, etc...)?
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  6. 1. What's your opinion on Gimmicked vs Ungimmicked tricks?
    2. What is it about Gypsy Thread that made you want to reinvent it?
    3. What is your favorite trick to perform? (one that you didn't create)
  7. On a scale, 1-10, how much has ice cream affected your life?

    Who, in your opinion, is the most innovative magician of all time?

    How do you handle someone that automatically believes magic effects are "childish"?
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  8. 1.What was your favorite effect when you were a teen?
    2.What is the go to trick when someone asks to see a trick?
    3.When and how did you get into magic
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  9. 1. If a robot and a human performed Aberdeen Thread, which would provide a better performance and why?
    2. Why do you enjoy making effects, and do you typically have a type of reaction you aim to get from the crowd (when performing in front of a crowd)
    3. What is your fondest memory of performing effects?
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  10. Question: when will the podcast be done and where can we listen to it?
  11. What is the result of this saturday night contest ?
  12. The results are not out yet.
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  13. The roundtable discussion was recorded today and will be posted shortly, along with the results! Stay tuned!
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  14. Will the results be posted here? Or should we listen to the podcast?
  15. Results with the link to the podcast will be posted here!
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  16. Alright guys, the podcast has been posted! You can listen to it right here.

    Our member selected at random whose question was asked in the podcast belongs to DominusDolorum. Congrats! Please contact our support team with details to claim your prize.

    Really great questions guys! We had a blast recording this one with James and picking his brain with the topics you guys brought up. We'll see you guys on Saturday for a new contest!
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  17. Congrats, Dominus!
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  18. Awesome!!! I really wanted to learn this method so thank you Theory 11 team!! And thanks, Brett!
  19. Congrats Dominus!!!
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  20. Congrats!
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