Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

Sep 30, 2009
Elkhart, IN
Who are the greats in magic that have been your roll models?
How have they influenced you?
Do you remember the first trick you ever did and do you still do that trick?

Thanks for the interview.
I've seen you perform in Japanese. Are there any cultural considerations when presenting with script/patter or are you basically translating your English script into that language without any change? Do people of different cultures react differently to a specific effect in general?
Aug 2, 2011
1. At what point in your magic journey did you realize you wanted to make it your career not just a hobby?
2. What has been your most memorable moment performing?
3. What process do you/would you go through in adding a new routine into your act?

Jay Adra

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Jul 11, 2011
What is your favourite plot/effect? Why?

Are there times where you 'lose your passion' for magic and just aren't motivated to perform as much? If so, how do you handle it?

What deck of cards do you perform with most? Why?
1. When you first started performing magic, how would you combat nervousness? I'm a bit of an amateur and frequently get nervous while performing, so any advice you might have on this subject would be much appreciated.

2. Can you walk us through a day in the life of Steve Cohen?

3. What age range of spectators do you enjoy performing for the most? Ex. kids, young adults, seniors, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to do this Roundtable with us!
Oct 22, 2010
1. When did you first get recognized for your magic in the world?
2. Not a lot of people get successful from performing magic, what do you think the people that succeed have that others don't?
3. What intrigued or interested you the most when starting out magic?

Thanks :D
Mar 19, 2011
1. Did you thought that you would be a professional magician when you first started magic?
2. Who is the most inspirational magician?
3. What is your favorite trick to perform?
Apr 30, 2011
Q) What do you think of the magic industry today?
Q) How has it developed thru your eyes in the past decade or so?
Q) If you could write and publish ONLY ONE book what would it be on? And Why?(Plus what would it's title be?)
Mar 7, 2011
hi steve
I would like to ask you

1. how do you get the inspiration for new act?
2. who will be your "first audience" when you get new act? family ,friends or colleague?
3. could you give some suggestions for young magician who fill of passion(like me) or who will set professional magician as goal

thanks a lot :)

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
1. How do you rehearse new material?

2. Have you ever had anything that you thought was great but didn't play well when you put it in front of an audience?

3. What do you look for when creating your routines? Do you start with a story line? An effect? A good plot? When do you say "that would be really great in my show"?
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Jun 14, 2011
1. What did get you into magic?
2. What was the first important opportunity you've had that allowed you to become what you are now?
3. What has been your most wonderful experience in the magic world, in term of trick, meeting or the developpement of your sucess/career?


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Dec 20, 2010
1. What is your secret to make those audience keep on coming back to see your show? What is so unique about it? Did you change your act(close up monday,bizzare tuesday,mentalism wednesday etc..) differently everyday?

2. When you first started in magic. Where do you get all those idea which had make your show so successful today? (using other people repertoire and mixed with your own style and etc..)

3. After performing for so many years. Do you ever done a mistake? Have you regret about it?
Aug 30, 2011
1. What do you like most about magic?
2. When did you performed magic for the first time in your life?
3. What do you think is the most important thing for people that want to start a magic career?
Nov 24, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

1) Tell me about a time when you preformed something that was well perfect. Why do you think it was successful?

2) Other than being a Millionaires' Magician. What do you ultimately want to become?

3) I know you've flown coast to coast in your private jet and I wanted to throw in a brainteaser question, just for fun. :p How would you weigh your private jet without scales?


theory11 artist
Sep 3, 2007
United States
1) Do you think you were always set for the stage? If you had not gotten into magic at some point do you think you'd be doing something else stage-related?
2) You're performing a show and something unexpected happens: Do you enjoy it because you can add an impromptu flare to your act, or do you prefer that everything goes according to plan?
3) What is the biggest challenge for you as a magician at the Waldorf?


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Sep 10, 2011
1. Since you are a pro magician who does a pro take inspiration from?
2. Has magic taken its toll on your spare time?
3. What is a normal day like for you?

Cheers, James
Jul 14, 2010
1. As a professional, do you differentiate the "working week" from the weekends?
2. Which Author/Book influenced you the most?
3. How did you develope your style of performing?
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