Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

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    Here are my questions for Mr. Cohen:

    1. I've read your book Win the Crowd many times and I always learn something new each time I read it. What would you say is the most important piece of advice to take from the book?

    2. When you take Chamber Magic to different cities, what is your criteria for choosing which city and venue to perform at?

    3. I remember reading on your blog that you said that you were losing money when you first started Chamber Magic. What kept you going and what was the turning point that made you realize that the show had become a success?

    PS: I saw your show back in May and I absolutely loved it! I'll be taking my girlfriend to watch when we visit in March.
    EDIT: I see you're not having any shows the weekend of March 9. Darn. :(
  2. Hello T11 and Hello to Mr. Cohen.

    Not too long ago, I heard Penn & Teller say "We love to be fooled" (or something like that, I don't remember the actual words). What is your opinion about that, Mr Cohen? Have you been "fooled" lately? And who fooled you?

    Another thing I want to ask you, who is going to continues your legacy on magic? Who are your students, or who are you teaching YOUR magic?

    Thank you very much for answer us...

  3. When you first started, have you felt that your routine was inferior? Did you lose confidence? If yes, how did you get it back and get the confidence to perform? If no, why?
  4. Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?
    Being successful in the industry is obviously not easy, how did you get your name out there?
    What is your go-to effect?
  5. 1. If you were to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

    2. Describe why you do magic in just one word.

    3. Explain why magic exists.
  6. I have just one question Mr Cohen. Do you believe in Magic ?
  7. Hi Steve!

    1. Will you ever do a full scale US tour?

    2. I've seen your comment in print somewhere that you oneday home to pass this show on to someone. Do you have someone in mind, such as Josh Jay? He would be my guess if he was interested.

    3. I own Win the Crowd. What is another book I should read?
  8. How do you handle all the shows an everything? Almost a full evening show every day is quiet a lot.

    And how did you got the opportunity do perfom at the Waldorf Astoria?
  9. What does it take to make your hobby, your love a job and live from it?
    How can someone decide which style and which type of magic suits him best?
    How should someone deal with the tons of information about magic and find the best sources to advance himself?
  10. What do you feel are the necessary foundations for one to have a career in magic?
    How vital are connections for one trying to be a professional performer? Did you have high connections, and if one didn't, how would that affect their progress?
    How/when did you discover your style in magic and what effects fit into that category to add to your show?
  11. why would you rather perform on a stage than a street?
    who are your biggest influences?
    why magic?
  12. Hey!
    I am a female magician who is 14 years old, I went to your show a couple of weeks ago and it was an amazing experience... based on what I saw and what I have read, here are my questions

    1- In your own words what is magic?

    2- What do you do when you mess-up a trick in a live performance

    3- Do you have any advice for a female magician?
  13. 1. What was the point where you decided that this (magic) is something you wanted to do as a full time career?
    2. How (or where) did you get your start in doing magic professionally and to the extent of where you are now?
    3. What has got to be the hardest thing about your choice in career?
  14. Question for Mr. Cohen

    1) With such a prestigious upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall, I’m curious to know how much older material (staples of your Waldorf Act) will you perform in comparison to new pieces. What percentage of your performance will be “new” for people who have seen you before?

    2) Seeing that the venue (Carnegie Hall) has increased in size from your suite at the Waldorf, what piece of magic do you wish you could still perform but are not able to due to the decreased visibility?

    3) What has been the most impactful PR move you have made to continue a long standing run at the Waldorf?

    Thank you.
  15. is the contest over?
  16. 1) What would you do today, if you didn't do magic?
    2) What do you do 30 years from now?
    3) (How many nationalities/countries have you performed for/in and) What nationality do you like the most to perform for and why?
  17. Awesome questions, everyone! The podcast has been posted, and it weighs in at 43 minutes. Steve was very generous with his time and talks about how he got started, how he started performing professionally, and what specific steps he took to get to where he is today. It's an amazing story for anyone interested in making magic their career, and thanks again to Steve for joining us and letting all of us pick his brain.

    Congrats to WilliamMcKeehan, who was randomly selected from the mix to take home a fresh brick of Monarch's! You can listen to the podcast now here, or download it to play it from your computer, iPhone, or iPad.
  18. FANTASTIC PODCAST, Great info here and everything!
  19. Great podcast and congrats to the winner.

    *sigh* I'll definitely try my luck again this Saturday.

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  20. Cool!! do you need my address or do you just ship it with the address on my account?


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