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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by SleepingJag, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. The above quote is from AndyAces’ website selling Sealed and Stuck. And since Andy has requested that someone start a thread on his material CTB I decided that I would step up to the challenge.

    Ask a few questions and get the ball rolling.


    Is the gimmick really that easy to make?
    Is the gimmick reusable or is it a one shot deal?
    How are the angles on this effect?
    Is this effect good for street magicians/ strolling magic?
    Is there a impromptu version of slam?

    Version 2 Sealed and stuck:
    Will the spectators notice the gimmick or is the gimmick used during pre-show?
    Is the gimmick reusable or is it a one shot deal?
    How long does it take to make the gimmick?
    How are the angles?
    Are there any sleights that aren’t taught that should be known to the magician?
    How many sleights are taught?

    In version 2.1 the Impromptu version of sealed and stuck:

    Can the coin be larger then the bottle opening?
    Is the bottle factory sealed?
    Can the label be removed?
    Can the set up be done in front of the spectators?
    If someone just hand you a factory sealed bottle and a coin, then said "melt the coin through now!" Can you do that? With a coin bigger then the opening?

    Can you do it surrounded?
    If not then what are the angles?
    Can the bottle be examined before the performance?
    Can the coin be borrowed?

    Can you explain?
    Do you teach how to do this with a signed coined?

    Could you please gives us some links to other reviews.... I am having trouble finding full reviews online?
  2. Yup, it is easy to make. You can see me doing it in less than a minute in the DVD. (And I'm taking my own sweet time when doing it)

    It is up to you. For me I'll reuse it.

    The angles are very good. You can do this surrouneded.

    I have performed the Slam in the streets, bars and resturants. Yup I'll say yes it is good for strolling magic/ street magic.

    The impromptu version is not taught in the DVD. However, I taught the impromptu version of Sealed & Stuck in the DVD. You can used the method of the impromptu Sealed & Stuck to make Slam impromptu.

    I'm being very honest here.
    The coin is NOT bigger than the neck of the bottle for the impromptu version.
    There are no impromptu CTBs that can use a coin that is bigger than the neck of the bottle yet. Let's hope someone will come up with it soon ;)

    I can only tell you they would NEVER notice the gimmick. :)

    You can reuse it. I'll cover more of that in the DVD.

    Around 3 minutes.

    I will cover the angles in the DVD. I'll tell you which are the vulnerable angles.

    If you watched the demo video, that is the kind of angles you get.

    I have people on my left side and right side, and I'm performing for the girl infront of me.

    I'll teach you moves that are made just for this effect. So, yes there are.

    I'm not sure what you would consider as "sleights". It would be around 2 to 4 moves that would be taught, depending on what you define as "sleights"

    NO. It cannot be bigger than the opening in the impromptu versions

    NO, It is NOT factory sealed for the impromptu versions

    (Some people who purchased it manage to pull it off with a real factory sealed bottle. Kudos to them. But that is not covered in the DVD. Those who already purchased Sealed & Stuck can email me for more information.)


    You CAN do the set up infront of them. I'll teach you that in the DVD.

    However, like what I said earlier, the coin CANNOT be bigger than the opening.

    There are 2 impromptu versions. For the first version you can do it surrounded.

    For the second impromptu version, you get the same angles as Sealed & Stuck.



    I will explain everything in the DVD.


    Sure. I'll post some of the links.
  3. "I have sealed n stuck and it is a great trick,nothing like abyss or labelled.I had abyss and got rid of it the set-up was too complicated and did not work sometimes,sealed n stuck is better if you don't have it get it you won't be disappointed in my opinion its better than what I have seen so far."


    ""I'm pretty sure that Ace's demo video I just seen, is a lot better than the origional demo he put up on the Cafe. And guaranteed, I'll be bringing it in to my shop once it hits distributors. Or directly from him if need be.

    There are tons out there already, and probably tons more coming but nothing revolutionary like Ace's"

    Wayne Stevenson

    With that said, now that I have it, and learnt it, I have to say this is the best coin in bottle effect I have seen.

    Setup can be done in a matter of minutes. Can even be done quickly in most public washrooms. So though it requires setup, you can carry a bunch of the required pieces in your pocket, and be ready to set up in no time. You don't have to be at home. Which makes the setup very versatile.

    Not to mention the penetration is so visual. You see the coin float down through the water. WOW!!!

    "I think Sealed and Stuck is a very visual and baffeling effect. A real magician fooler. It does require good slieght of hand and audience management skills. This is not a negative. In the right setting, the extra effort, can fool anyone."


    You can find that somewhere in the Magic Cafe.

    "I recently got sealed n stuck dvd and in my (opinion) its a really great effect,I'm not knocking the other ctb effects but this is good I stood in front of a mirror to see how it looks and it is fantastic!"

    sapulpa, United States

    The rest of the reviews are sent directly to my email or pm. I think the above reviews are enough. If you still want all the reviews, I'll post them here too.
  4. Not quite the reviews I was looking for Andy... Looking for some that isn't in response to your thread...

    Since part of purchasing a product is finding out what others say about it. I am looking for reviews from people and forums that I know and trust.
  5. Are you hands dirty after performing Slam and S2?
  6. I don't see the difference. The reviews are still valid, even though they were responses to my CTB thread.

    You can trust those reviews.

    You need to do a clean up, just like other CTBs like Bullet, Abyss, FS etc.

    And like other CTBs, the clean up is very simple. All the attention will be on the bottle.
  7. What I am saying Andy is that before I purchase something I like to see a full well thought out review...

    Not the reviews that say - This is awesome get it (you know the ones that I am talking about)

    As far as the reviews that people send in by e-mail - I don't know them so who Kevin Fleetwood or JPK are.... are they working magicians or are they someone that just thinks that the effect is cool.

    Next question: Can the gimmick for Slam be used for S2?
  8. I'm sure Kevin Fleetwood and JPK are working magicians.

    Wayne Stevenson, the owner of spookclub gave a review of my product too.

    Yes, you can.
  9. Here is the con from the only review that I could find

    So this review says that the effect can't be done surrounded since it is angle sensitive and it takes awhile for the gimmick preparation.

    Wayne didn't really give a review just made a comment.

    Do you know for in fact that they are working magicians or are you assuming?

    Sorry I hope that I can clear up what I mean by reviews....

    What I am looking for is a review that wasn't started by you. I would like for it to be on one of the bigger forums - Theory 11, The Magic Cafe or The Magic Woods.
  10. Ditto on that. I am not trying to antagonize you here Andy but I am honestly surprised there have been no reviews on E, the Cafe, T11, or TMW regarding your CIB. I would really like to see a well thought out and comprehensive review done by someone other than the creator of the effect. I have been asking for this for awhile both publicly and privately from people who comment on how cool your effect is. Until then....

  11. That review was made of the first few copies of Sealed & Stuck. I did not included the information on the surrounded version. You will find the extra information in all the DVDs now. If you read the thread I already pm him the information regarding the angles.

    At first, I thought that certain angles are vulnerable. But after many performances, I realised that those angles are not as vulnerable as I thought.

    From the demo video, you can see people sitting at the my left and right side. I'm performing to a girl in front of me. That is the kind of angles you can achieve with Sealed & Stuck.

    Yes, you do need time to construct the gimmick. I think the extra effort is worth it, when you see the reactions of your audiences.

    Moreover, the set up is not as time consuming as you think. Here's Wayne's comment about the set up.

    Jim, the comprehensive reviews will come. ;)

    Those reviews that I posted here are made by people who purchased the product. They might not be very comprehensive, but they sure let you know what they think about the CTBs.

    The facts list here are all true as well.

  12. Ok but that is only for the gimmicked versions not the impromptu version. Plus there is a gimmick that must be carried around for resetting and set-up. And you have to carry spare pieces with you to reset it.

    Does that mean that the label is taken off in front of them? Or is the gimmicked piece hidden where the label goes?

    Does this only work for the set up version or does it work with the impromptu version also?

    Combinable with a signed coin - Does that mean that you will teach this version or do we already have to know one?

    Can this only be done from the back side of the bottle or can it be anywhere?

    Well I hope that it would be otherwise it wouldn't be magic.

    Can the bottle be examined before ?

    Since there is a gimmick involved it does make this a hard sell for me. I perfer to limit my gimmicks to just a few when I am performing. Plus making the gimmick myself and several refills.

    Now I would like to see a better demo video and not one taken by the spectator. And from the review that I did see hopefully a better quality video is in the works.

    But the biggest seller would be comprehensive reviews at the Magic Cafe, The Magic Woods and here at Theory 11 from well known members.
  13. These 'reviews' of yours certainly do not sell the product to me. Add to the fact that they were just sent to you over email, they could just be the excitement of acquiring a new product. It's just courtesy, you send them something, and they reply giving a few lines about it. That's not a review, that is just a comment.

    I'd like to see full fledged reviews by people who got this and not threads started by YOU reviewing your OWN product. A single sentence is NOT a review.

    Also, there's no one I really can relate to or recognize. Why not submit to MAGIC or Genii or get some famous guys to review it for you? What's stopping you from doing that? I'm not convinced.


  14. If someone wants to buy it for me, I would be more than willing to give it an unbiased review.
  15. #15 AndyAce, Nov 10, 2007
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    True. But I think it is worth it. The fact that they can really open the factory sealed bottle really sells the effect. The magic doesn't just end when the coin penetrates the bottle. It just keep building up. First they see the visual penetration, then they inspect the bottle and find that it is factory sealed. THEN they cannot take out the coin, as it is bigger than the bottle. The reactions just goes on and on. They will still be inspecting that bottle for another 20 minutes.

    You can take the label off infront of them.

    Like what I said earlier, the big coin only works with the set up version. You CANNOT do it with a coin that is bigger than the neck of the bottle in the impromptu version. No CTB can do that anyway.

    It will be fully taught in the DVD.

    Well, the back is the most visual spot to penetrate the coin, as your hand won't be blocking.

    If you want to penetrate in from the front, the coin and penetrating spot will be blocked by your hand.

    And yes, I'll teach you how to penetrate the coin from the front of the bottle. It is not as visual in my opinion, but some people prefer it.

    Well, it cannot be done for some other CTBs on the market.

    The answer can be a yes or a no, depending on which version you are using.

    But I think there is no need for them to examine the bottle before you start the effect. Look at Abyss, Factory Sealed & Buller. All of them cannot let the audience examine the bottle before the penetration too.

    Yup, I know some people like impromptu on the spot magic, hence I included impromptu versions in the DVD.

    In my opinion, I would try my best to make the effect look impossible. If I need to use a gimmick, I'll use it.

    Remember, it is about the audience, not about you. If I need to put in a little bit of effort for greater reactions, I'll gladly do it.

    Don't be afraid of gimmicks. They will help you accomplish things that normal sleight of hand can never accomplish. Get used to it, be familar with it and you can really blew them away.

    Yes, the video is taken by a spectator. I think that is what makes the demo video special. Everything was shot from the spectator's point of view.

    You can see effect, you can see the reactions.

    I did not review my own product. I post reviews made by other people.

    Don't worry, the more comprehensive reviews will come soon. :)

    Haha of course, you will think that "it's just courtesy";)

    The reviews (or comments) shows their impression of the effect. I'm sure you can see that the reviews are positive.

    Like what I said, the more comprehensive reviews will come soon.
  16. It doesn't matter if those few 'lines' are positive. Point is that I want to see proper reviews from people we know well. You again missed this part of my post.

    Why not submit to MAGIC or Genii or get some famous guys to review it for you?

    Why not do this right away?

    Yeah, you start a thread "Sealed and Stuck" or something in the review areas of other forums and post a bunch of lines by other people. Pfft, shameless advertising. You shouldn't have to start a thread on your own product. I will quote the rules on this forum for you. Although those forums may function differently, perhaps you should take this into account.

    • If your product is really that good, it will get around on its own. No need to market it here.

  17. James Brown had a account in the SMC forums. He only had 2 posts, and he started a thread on his product Workeroo.

    The creator of Lucid Dream and one of the creators of Impervious starts thread about their products in other threads too.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are not doing the right thing.

    They are merely informing other people that their product exist. Once people know the product exist, soon people will start review threads on those products.

    The same thing for Sealed & Stuck, most of the threads now are started by other people.

    I don't think that informing other people about their product is called "shameless advertising". Other respectable magicians like James Brown, Larry Barnowsky etc are doing it in other forums too. I find nothing wrong with that.

    I think the real shameless thing is to try to mislead the consumer, or even worst, false advertising. Don't get me started on this. :mad:

    I think all this "advertising stuff" deserve another thread on it's own. If you want to discuss "advertisings" further, feel free to set up a new topic.

    Btw, I already said the more comprehensive reviews will come soon.
  18. In your ad, you never mention a gimmick and is it like the Abyss gimmick?


  19. Yes, you do need a gimmick. That is the main difference between the set up version and the impromptu version.

    The gimmick used is specially designed for this effect. So no it's not like the Abyss gimmick.

    I don't think I'll answer anymore question about the gimmick as it might lead to exposure.
  20. I'm still very unclear on multiple points here, and I feel a sense of cognitive dissonance setting in on several points.

    Before you accuse me of antagonizing, I'm just asking questions and explaining why I want better answers.

    Doesn't it then seem unfair of you to criticize other DVDs for not teaching variations when you yourself are guilty of the same thing?

    Are you talking about the same gimmick? You said before it would take less than a minute. How many gimmicks are we talking about here?

    Could not the same be said of other effects? If this is the case, I don't understand why you brought it up before in other threads.

    I'd like something a little more substantive than a snippet of an email. What you've given me is basically the Mr Clean commercial of reviews.

    They're not reviews, they're ads. That's the difference. Advertising is based on manipulation, not information. A review is information.

    You keep promising us that. But you keep giving us more of the same.

    I don't consider those reviews. Pointing at something and saying, "See? See?!" doesn't sell me.

    Then why was that a bad thing when other effects did it? I'm confused.

    Again, I'm confused. Earlier this was a point of contention with you.

    A bit presumptious of you to assume that we're afraid of gimmicks, don't you think?

    I really don't want an artistic demo video. I could care less so long as it shows me what the effect looks like. That's all I care about.

    An impression is not a review. It doesn't sell me.
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