Sealed and Stuck - A few questions.

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by SleepingJag, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Wrong was already proven..and caught on tape...
    It can be done..and was accomplished!!!So WRONG for you!!!

    It's revolutionary!!!!!

    Why don't you go play with your unrevolutionary home version if you like it so much.

    Run along now ..go play..
    ..with your CBB. (Coin behind Bottle)

    Oh your are going to continue yapping...?

    Just goes to show you how great your Sealed and Stuck is.
    You rather talk smack than actually use it yourself.

    No Thanks..Don't want it..Can't use it...and wouldn't want to.
  2. No, it cannot be done.

    You cannot let the audience inspect and break the seal in factory sealed. The independent reviews already proven that.

    Face it.

    Btw, the informer, i just found something that is very interesting. It might be off topic. I may pm you about it. ;)
  3. It was on the DVD at 28 seconds into the running time.

    and during the full performance you'll see exactly WHY.
    (he graps and twists it himself)
    You simply gotta pay attention, son.
    He evens says he broke the seal..a testimonial from the spectator himself.
    Nothing is stronger than that.

    These are stone cold facts.

    It's just the truth.
  4. "It is already confirmed that in terms of conditions of penetration, Sealed & Stuck is better than Factory Sealed. The real factory sealed bottle and the big signed coins really makes the effect more impossible." --AndyAce

    First off, I would take practicality over visualness ANYDAY.

    Second, Factory Sealed IS we are getting the best of both worlds.

    Thrid, It has not been CONFIRMED. You have a few people who say Sealed and Stuck is more visual. Nick has TONS of people who say Factory Sealed is more visual...and more practical.

    Also, I just grabbed a water bottle and tried your "experiment" and it DOES NOT look the same. Sorry.

    Matthew Mello

  5. Yeah Andy's little version is visual alright...we visually see you ditch the coin after it visually falls behind the bottle with NO visual penetration.

    Confirmed by EVERYONE!
  6. I spent a while reading this thread and I can't believe you guys! How is sealed and stuck not visual! It's a great penetration, and I have to congraduate Andy on that. And you guys are really pissing me off about FS.



    Jeez, just cause Justin did it, doesn't mean you can do it, hell, it doesn't even mean HE can do it, I higly doubt that Justin has the capabilty to do that to everyone he shows the trick to. You guys think you can do it? You guys are highly mistaken.

    You wanna know how he does it? It's the one in a million ignorant dumbass he shows the trick to that actually falls for it. He most likely spent weeks, with hundreds of takes, until it actually worked, there's tons of crappy ass performances he did, and in San Fransisco, there are a bunch of people who were telling about the guy, who screwed up that trick, on tape.

    Now I'm not bashing FS, it's a great effect, I'm justs bashing you dumbasses.
  7. Andy I would like for you to stay on the subject of Sealed and Stuck please.

    Everyone else lets focus on Sealed and Stuck.

    Andy as far as the research goes from the post that I read it doesn't look like it was worked out it looks more like you just brushed off his comment with a "well purchase mine and see". But until I hear different I will let it go.

    As far as the misleading advertising every statement that I posted about being true and false is correct.

    Wayno's comment can be found here Down the bottom of the thread...

    Lets everyone stay on topic here....
  8. Wow....I think that really...I can't believe you called us dumbasses. That is great. I think it's the first time I've seen it on a magic forum...glad to be a part of this wonderful experience. ;)....I am honestly kind of laughing right now...dumbass...feel like RED from That 70's Show hahaha.

    But, yea...I honestly don't see how a coin falling behind a bottle is visual...esspecially the WAY that it falls...not natural. I got a bottle and tested his experiment...doesn't look that same AT ALL. Wow, his can be opened by a much setup?...coin can be much setup?...Gimmicked......SOUNDS LIKE A WINNER. Peace dumbass.

    Matthew Mello
  9. No, that kid DID NOT open the factory sealed bottle himself. That is THE STONE COLD FACT.

    Let me repeat this again. They CANNOT INSPECT and BREAK the seal in Nick's effect.

    Look at the demo video of Sealed & Stuck. That is what I mean by inspecting the seal and breaking the seal.

    In Sealed & Stuck, you can hear the girl "AA?!!" when she found out the bottle is still factory sealed. That is the inspecting part.

    Next, you can see her twisting the bottle a couple of times, and you can CLEARLY see the seal slowly breaking.

    In Nick's FS, you CANNOT do the same thing. The factory sealed part in factory sealed is not as convincing as you have to break open the bottle yourself.

    That is the difference between you and me Matt.

    For me, I think about the audience. They will be more amazed if they can inspect and break the seal. They will be more amazed when the coin and point of penetration is not covered. They will be more amazed if the coin is bigger than the neck of the bottle.

    If I need to put in a little bit of effort to achieve that, I WILL.

    And obviously Matt you did not read my post here.

    Don't just drop the coin. Press the coin against the side of the bottle, then release it. Tilt the bottle towards you a little. You shall see that it looks just like Sealed & Stuck.

    Wow, that is amazing. I am the creator and I know when the clean up happens. It was not caught in the video.

    You are imagining things.

    And of course, your opinion = EVERYONE's opinion.

    Magic Zen, I know that you love FS, and all other CTBs are trash to you. You have made your point. I don't see the need for you to keep on repeating the same points.
  10. Hey thanks SleepingJag for pointing that out to me. Thank you so much!

    I will sent an email to wayne about this. I guess he is talking about Sealed & Stuck, the second effect in the DVD.

    In the 3rd effect, Signed Sealed & Stuck, you CAN let them signed the coin.

    It was confirmed the other reivew you quoted remembered? ;)

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks! I'm glad you like the penetration.

    I'm also glad that you point out that they cannot break the seal in FS. Like what you said, the chance to pull that off is "one in a million".

    And I agreed that FS is a great effect. But people have to accept the fact that it is not as great as some people think it is (for example the factory sealed part, people keep giving false info that the audience can break the seal)

    Every effect has it's limitations. Don't be afraid to admit that.

    I have admitted that there are limitations in my effect too.
  11. You guys aren't the brightest of bunches are you? You all repeatedly argue and argue over all of the different CIB's, and which one is better, and repeatedly the thread gets deleted or locked. You're abusing the privelage that Theory 11 isn't as strict as some other forums, and if you guys keep on arguing and making pointless threads in which it seems that everyone is incapable of acting civilized in, then eventually you'll make everyone lose the privelage of having such a laid back forum.
    So please, just stop it already.
  12. I agreed. I'm very tired of this.

    Let's stop this shall we?

  13. As a moderator, I have complete access to every post in the threads you were involved in that lead to your ban. Don't... presume to tell me what did and did not happen.

    And if you really want to be a bigger person, don't bring it up again. I said nothing of your banning, this time you brought it up with no provocation.

    I won't follow the word of a man who belittles the intelligence of a spectator.

    Justin says he can do it. Therefore it's possible.

    Can I do it now? Probably not. I need more hard work and experience. But it's a level I aspire to.

    I didn't read anything past this. There can't be anything worth reading. No magician worth his salt would ever say anything like that.
  14. Like what I said, if you want to discuss about the ban, do so in another thread.

    I requested the E's forums to show the poll thread to everyone, but they refused to show it. That will show people what really happened.

    This is getting off topic btw. And as a moderator, you should know that this could lead to more unnecessary arguments.

    Let's just stay on topic shall we?

    I totally agree with him. It can only happen 1 in a milliion times.

    Let's just face it ok? You cannot let the audience inspect and break the seal in Nick's factory sealed. It is a fact.
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    I’m very close to closing this thread, no pun intended. I’m disappointed in the amount of back and forth arguing that continues endlessly.

    As said countless times before, let’s keep all discussions professional, respectful, courteous and on-topic. Moreover, there is no need for the “beef,” if any, that is present to be spilled across this or any thread.

    So please, let’s have some harmony here, and get back to "Sealed and Stuck - A few questions."

  16. Thank you Jack...

    I think that a lot of people are focusing on the factory sealed part... that tells me that a lot of people are running when they aren't being chased. There are several ways around the factory sealed part with just the right patter.

    I wasn't confused but I get the feeling that a lof of your self promotion might have lead people astray. Without meaning to.

    True every effect sold today has their owm limitations:

    The limitations that I have discovered from the internet and from your own post are:
    Gimmick (some may say this isn't a limitation), Isn't 100% impromptu, Angle sensitive, Coin can only be larger then the opening in the gimmicked version.

    Something that I haven't hit on is Signed, Sealed and Stuck and you may have covered but I missed it.
    Is there a gimmick required for this version?
    If there is a gimmick can the same one be used that was used in the other versions?
  17. #57 AndyAce, Nov 10, 2007
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    To me, I don't want to just "get around with the factory sealed part"

    I want the audience to be convinced that the bottle is really factory sealed. The best way to do that is to let them inspect and break the seal.

    Yes, we must understand that every effect has it's own limitations.

    Don't expect Sealed & Stuck or any other CTBs to be the "say all, end all" CTB.

    Check out the strengths and weaknesses of the various CTB, see which one suits you best. Or even better, learn the strengths from the various CTB and create one that you will use.

    Actually the angles should not be a problem. The demo video will give you an idea of the angles. I can have people sitting beside me and infront of me when performing the effect. I'll cover the angles in the DVD. :)

    Yes, you do need the gimmick.
    You can used the gimmick from other versions to do the effect.

    I certainly hope that we can have a peaceful discussion here. :)
  18. You are the one who brought it up. Don't make me the bad guy here.

    Now getting back on topic, I would like you to go back over some of my previous posts and address the points and concerns I brought up that you haven't answered yet.
  19. I can't believe after 1 simple question about a product the thread has turned into a complete mess. I don't think this is the time or place to be discussing people's status on other forums, as that has nothing to do with this forum.

    Let's stick to civil discussion about the effect please, I personally think it looks rather good in the preview.

  20. Well, I made a post, the thread got deleted, and I'll have to type it up again.

    I know I was acting like a little ***** back there, and I won't deny, and sorry for that, I was just trying to exploit you guys for the hypocrites you are. You guys are whining that in real life, the coin wouldn't enter the bottle lilke that. Seriously. Are you friggin kidding me? What difference does it make. Do you really think that a spectator will stand up and yell "THAT'S NOT HOW A COIN WOULD SINK!"

    C'mon you guys, look at yourselves, look at all the tricks with an akward handling, do they all suck? No, no one really knows how "real magic" would happen. Like in
    Panic, who spreads the cards forwards? And back to FS, just the same reason you guys are bashing Andy, the penetration here is BS, not FS. If you got a coin, and rubbed it downwards on the BOTTOM of the bottle (Which makes no sense) would it land perfectly at one single point, standing upright? It would be phisically impossible, no matter what magic powers you have. It would fall down. The only possible methond would be a (gasp) SLIT! And you know what, there's nothing wrong w/ that, the audience would never know the wiser.
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