Sealed and Stuck - A few questions.

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by SleepingJag, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Ok I just bought it on-line. I am waiting for the shipping. BTW I am currently working on my new Coin through diaper trick. It is going to raise the bar on all of magic. Imagine this:

    Your baby has just finished doing his/her business. You just changed the baby and in your hand you hold the dirty diaper. You produce a coin with your other hand and slam it against the used diaper. The coin is gone from your hand. You then throw away the diaper because there isn't a coin in the world that will make you open up the diaper. Clean finish.
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    Damn! I realize I sound like a ****! But I was just trying to say something!

    You guys are being brainwashed by these high quality trailers. Of course, if Andy Ace had a million dollars, he could have a trailer in the streets of San Fransisco with people jumping up and down and calling their friends, but, he can't, and instead shows the trick to a few friends in Burger King. You guys are thinking that just because you saw it in A TRAILER FOR A PRODUCT, you can do the same. Of course the trailer is going to make you think that you could do that. They're making you think that this is possible, and of course they'll try. Do you really think E is just going to show a low budget trailer to a couple of friends in Burger King. I think not.
  3. The best post in this thread...

    Good morning clarrus
    Well said. Why people do not seem to grasp this and would prefer to limit themselves to one creators ideas is simply foolish to me.
    I just found this thread and read the entire thing, as painfull as that was. By the way I am the JPK that wrote to Andy about his effect.
    For those that are concerned, I am not a professional magician. I am a hobbiest and student of magic for over 30 years. I like to unleash a bit of strange on friends, family, co-workers, and clients. As such, I can pick and choose when I introduce them to the state of Astonishment. This freedom allows me to choose what and how I'm going to do something. There are many CIB's on the market and plenty of other effects that I use ideas from to entertain someone at any given time. I am so happy that all of these differant creator have chossen to share thier ideas with us. I've taken the ideas that work for me from each of them and use them when I can.
    To stick on topic, Sealed and Stuck offers some nice ideas. Andy obviously wanted to add some kickers to the effect that other effects do not offer. He felt it was important to offer an effect that not only appears to pass a coin into a bottle, but to be abe to hand that bottle out and sit back and watch. It's a great couple of moments to observe. First they look for a hole in the bottle. After they realize the lack of water dripping kind of removes that, they suspect the cap. When they unscrew it and feel the seal break, you get the second knock down. Then when they realize that a quarter doesn't even fit through the opening you get the K.O. A very nice effect.
    Does this need to be done to have a great reaction? Of course not. Hell, I was getting very good reactions performing Infusion ( remember that?) and that wasn't even a closed bottle. In fact, most of the time you just use a glass.
    In fact, when I wrote to Andy about Sealed and Stuck I even mentioned some of the stuff on the DVD might be overkill. I even refered to it as a magician fooler. There are certain people that I do effects for who are not magicians but hate being fooled and try to back engineer everything. For those that enjoy being amazed there is no need to go this far. I enjoy performing for the skeptical as watching and listening to them try to work it out helps me improve on what I'm doing. .
    Like I said there are some nice ideas on Sealed and Stuck. Certainly some things you will not find on other CIB's Of course there is some overlap as well. Even with the overlap , it's nice to see how differant creators think things through.
    Just my 2 cent's from a manager of a small chain of auto parts distributors, that happens to do some magic from time to time.
  4. It's not the production values of the trailer. It's who was in it.

    HUGE difference.

    And I'm not saying that I can do right out the gate. I need to work harder and get more experience to reach that level, but I've seen that it can be done.

    Another massive and obvious difference.

    Sweet chocolate Buddha, is there anybody on the internet at all who speaks English?
  5. I am not saying that it is phisically impossible, but it is VERY improbable. And I am also trying to say how brainwashed you guys are by Ellusionist. You guys are saying, "Just cause it's in a commercial it must be true!"

    Here's another good analogy: Think about how many comedies are the "#1 comedy in America!" out of all those, do you really think that they are honest? Do you really think that they are ALL the #1 comedy in America?
  6. Huh... you mean every new teen comedy isn't No.1 in the US :eek:


    This can't be, I won't accept this...

    Next thing you'll tell me is that brothers and sisters aren't suppose to have kids... ;)
  7. Yeap that is the perfect clean finish for coin through diaper...
  8. Can the baby be signed? Can it be handed out to the spectator to keep?
    If it doesn't meet this criteria then it's just not practical enough for me. :D
  9. Don't Worry! Every new Thriller is the #1 Thriller in America! But that means that they also are the worst.
  10. Ellusionist gets a -1. I bought both DVD and download and the download isnt' working. I tried every method and even downloaded their viewer program. I hate it when I spent money on this thing and it won't work right.

    so far ellusionist has a -1. Andy Ace is in the lead with a 0.
  11. What's this, E intercepts the ball and he's at the 50! The 40! The 30! 20! 10! TOUCHDOWN! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    I guess they're tied now.
  12. I said no such thing and you know it.

    Did you submit a support ticket? There have been some issues with the downloads the last week or so, but customer service and tech support have been responding to all complaints as quickly as possible and setting things right until we get this problem resolved.
  13. It is very simple to implant a false memory. People do it THEMSELVES all the time. Years later if you asked someone to recall an effect you performed...more then likely you would get a beautifully embelished story.

    You could easily break the seal yourself in Factory Sealed...then hand the bottle to the spectator and say..."Here open it all the way". At the end when they are checking the date....or simply say something like...

    "And just to gave me your coin....I rubbed it against the saw it melt inside. I then gave you the opened it up and dumped out the coin."

    This will eventually stay in their minds that THEY opened the sealed bottle...and when they relay this story to their friends they will embelish it even more. It doesn't matter that they didn't open...if they think it...that is fine with me.

    Matthew Mello
  14. Submit a ticket to Ellusionist eSupport ( They are an extremely helpful bunch. You'll get a response within 24 hours and every time I've contacted them they have been great in helping me (once was with a download issue, which they quickly fixed, another was with a defective SLAM! gimmick, which they replaced free of charge and the last was that I had received a 3 Blue masters instead of Red, so they sent me 3 Red ones and let me keep the Blues I got).

    Pertaining to the argument at hand, all I'm going to say is: Rock on, Steerpike!
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    Exactly ...Give it up Andy Ace.
    Your CIB is not convincing enough and takes too much time to set up with no reset performance value.

    No dealer is backing it up, neither are pro magicians.
    Oh and don't go bringing up Keith Barry's name again...we are sick of it.
    He may or may have not bought it, but he surely isn't going around performing it...can't blame him either.

    E's is way more practical and waaaaay more convincing.
    As a Matter of fact, MANY CIBS are way more practical and more convincing than that non magical little bottle puzzle of yours.

    Stop kidding yourself.

    And if you have the Factory Sealed DVD you will see a spec tamper with the cap...and through MAGIC...with no gimmicks, leave the spectator believing he broke the seal of a real bona fide bottle of factory sealed water..yes all this with no gimmicks.

    No need for all that crazy tedious set up.

    Here is a quote from the cafe...

    So many people are just blown away by Factory Sealed.
    Many happy customers (real customers who actually bought it VS talking smack like you)...Even more importanlty...happy spectators that those customers performed them for.

    It all over the web...EVERYWHERE!
    Yours doesn't even come close...not even close.
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    Thanks Jack!

    And thanks Matthew Mello for telling people that you cannot let the audience inspect and break the seal with Nick's Factory Sealed. Of course, you can try to implant a false memory, but that's another story.

    I did not mentioned about Keith Barry in this fourm at all.

    In fact I don't think I mentioned that in other open forums.

    Real people have purchase my effect. If you noticed, JPK is nice enough to share with us what he thinks about Sealed & Stuck. Thanks JPK!

    Btw Magic Zen,

    I know you really hate my effect. And you really love a particular CTB effect.

    Ok fine, choose the CTB that suits you best.

    I guess we all get your point. Try not to repeat the same point over and over again.
  17. I did submit a ticket. They still get -1 for me though. This is sooooo not right. I paid for d/l and I can't get it to work......

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    ::: News Flash:::: you can let the spectator Break the Seal in ANY CIB with a traditional gimmick.

    No one owns the rights to these traditional means.
    So they are applicable....DUH.
    What the hell do you think the pros do for their trade shows?
    See what happens when you get KICKED of the Magic are not in tune with Factual information.

    Factory Sealed has that luxury as ALL CTBs do.
    Use your BRAIN, Andy.
    and stop being such a sore loser to other effects that are cleary better than yours.
    Even old cibs are better than yours .

    ANYONE is allowed to apply the traditional means to allow the spec to open the seal...Anyone can do that...ANYONE!!!
    And these traditional means are MUCH better than your tedious unimpromptu set up.
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    I believe it was you who said the only thing that mattered was what the spectator's thought...yes? So, if the spectator THINKS they opened the Factory Sealed bottle...I see no point in going through some half-assed job to APPARENTLY show the bottle factory sealed. It isn't another is a simple way to get rid of unneeded work.

    Anyone can make a bottle look Factory Sealed using extra setup...or gimmicks. Nick and Ellusionist came up with an IMPROMPTU way. Anyone can glue the seal back together....or pop the cap off an unopened bottle....but is unnessesary setup.

    Matthew Mello

    PS. I also love how you only quote people who say GOOD things about your effect. Hence your post:

    "Real people have purchase my effect. If you noticed, JPK is nice enough to share with us what he thinks about Sealed & Stuck. Thanks JPK!"

    How about you show all the crap thats been posted about Sealed and Stuck. Also....don't misquote me...or thank me. The last thing I would want to do is push someone to buy your product when they could have the genuine Factory Sealed.
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    Exactly my point.
    It's the penetraion that is important anyway...

    To create the EFFECT (which is TRULY understanding magic) is what matters.
    Gimmicked or non gimmicked.

    Gimmicks are OK and that's fine...ANYONE can use them. (Did you hear that ANYONE..there ARE traditional known ways already in existence)

    It's just nice that with powerful effects like FACTORY SEALED which has been turbocharged and streamlined for practicality, we can also do them just about anywhere due to the fact that we don't have to rely on unecessary set ups.

    But I guess that is what you get when you have professionals testing and producing grade A effects that get killer reactions all over the world VS a boy version who has nothing else to do bui hype his own product and WISH others were limited when in fact they accomplish the impossible with dream conditions.
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