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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by magic27, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question, unless I'm missing something, but how do you look up tricks that are not either featured, or on top of the charts. I know that there are just a few tricks on the wire right know but when this gets going is there a way to scroll through every trick that is on the wire.
  2. This is what I mean, it only shows the top artist of the day and new artist only show the 3 newest, so what if there is more than 3 new artist in one day someone won't be shown and this is the same with every tab. So only the most popular and newest of the new and the featured can be viewed. This is kind of a flaw in my opinion there is no way to search the entire wire. It should be like the trick section on theory 11 were you can view every single trick, but you can still have the better ones first and then filter the not so good effects last, but there should be a way of finding them for people that find those tricks good.
  3. Yeah maybe it's not ready for this but it would be nice to have a search feature. Not to load anything else on your overwhelming plate. I'm super excited still!
  4. The theory11 search in the top bar should include all of the effects on The Wire. If you know the name of what you're looking for you can get to it from anywhere on the site. Ultimately, clicking on any of the titles with the double arrows will go to a page that will have all of them listed.
  5. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what some have said. I know one thing I would like to see is a browse function. That way, even if I don't know a new artist's name, I can find them there. Right now, I have to know their name or the download's name in order to find something that isn't on the top charts. It would be similar to how the other downloads work - I can search or browse by artist, type of magic, difficulty, cost, etc. Hopefully it will be in future updates :)
  6. Well, if you look beside the "artist" button there is a General magic, coin magic, card magic, cardistry and other. This is like a "browse" type page where every trick in the category goes. Click on what you want (General, coin, card, etc) and you'll take to a page where every trick is!
  7. Same ol thing

    I was thinking about trying to release something to the wire I came up with years ago. I haven't submitted it yet in thoughts that it could not be found when it gets out of the "newest" stage in its wire age, and if it gets to the featured stage, when it loses its appeal... How would people find it, without knowing my mine or the effect's name. Just know that they want (insert product name) when they are window shopping. Why isn't it more like the media section on the main theory11's site?
    I saw an effect by Mathieu bich, but I can't find it because it's not new, and it's not a "featured" effect on his profile. Without using the search function I never would have found it. I knew the creator, and I still couldn't find it.
    When/if theory gets the kinks out of this hose, I have a trick I would like to submit.

    P.S. Not sure how they can change these things, but they are pretty smart over at the t11 headquarters. I have faith they will figure it out in a relatively short time.

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