SEASONS Playing Cards - Feedback Requested

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    Those are absolutely gorgeous. Wow. For me personally, the black back is very hot, paired with white faces. You should be proud, that is awesome.

    I also wanted to mention, since I didn't see it brought up yet that you might want to look at Kickstarter for a possible route to fund production of your project. Perhaps take a look at another playing card that was successfully funded via that route.

    I would buy them they look swell. Good job man.

  3. Amazing, I will definitely buy them.
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    We've made a fairly large decision regarding the SEASONS deck. It's been decided that we're going to upgrade our stock to Aristocrat and use the new "Magic finish" so that these cards will last longer and perform better. This is the same finish that the Gold Arcane deck uses that only 3 other decks have used according to my knowledge. Again, all I ask is that you help support the project when the time comes.

    To keep updated, view our facebook page here:

    As far as the court cards go, they are all sketched out and looking very fine :) It's funny because after spending all that time drawing each of them, I have a personal story that goes along with each court card. Tomorrow night I'll be releasing a small court card teaser to give an idea of what they'll look like.
  5. We are all eagerly awaiting the reveal of the face cards!
  6. Hope I can do you proud! You guys have honestly paved the way for freelance designers everywhere.
  7. I hate to echo everyone else here, but these look seriously good. I really like the way that they manage to look extremely special yet still basically look just like a normal pack of cards. It's a fine line to tread, but you did it great.

    Is there seriously any chance that T11 would pick these up? Because, IMO, they are a better design than their entire range. And I don't give praise like that lightly.
  8. Not to go off topic of your amazing deck you have planned... BUT...

    While I do find it amazing to get a run of cards printed 'by myself', it has been a long and arduous task. A full time job, really. It is nice to see truly talented people putting effort into deck design. Good luck in the journey that is 'corporate manufacturing!' ;)
  9. Hi, I am interested to get about some decks from you as I really love the design. Please check your inbox as I sent you a PM :D
  10. [​IMG]
    Everyone say hello to our borderless one-sided court cards. Tell me what you guys think. Keep the metallic gold ink, or go black and white?
  11. :O

    Amazing. Keep the gold. Keep everything and release now. I wants it!
  12. Keep the gold, I'd be interested in picking these would i do that?
  13. The gold adds a beautiful touch. Definitely keep it of possible!
  14. WOW!!!! Without a doubt, keep the gold. LOVE these. I plan on getting as many as i can afford.
  15. These cards will be available for sale October 1st through a kickstarter link on our Facebook Page.

    You can always become a fan and get a reminder of when they'll go on sale. Thanks again for your support :)
  16. Does the magic finish imply that the cards will be as thick as an Ellusionist deck?
  17. The finish does not factor in the thickness of a card (only 2-3%), the stock of the cards is the defining factor. I believe Alex said that he is going with Aristocrat stock. Another factor is the weight of the paper. For example, GENERALLY, cheap playing cards are made with 250 GSM thickness, while casino quality is 330 GSM. There are many weights in between that. I have no worries that his deck will be thick and buttery.


    There is a bit more to it than that, but thats the general outline.
  18. "Barthalameu" looks great. The gold is definitely good. And all my favorite handling cards have Aristocrat stock, so that's yet another plus for these amazing cards.
  19. One point: All of E's decks use that finish. Or at least, they have switched to that as standard for their decks. The Artifice, Arcanes, Masters, 1800s, etc. are all being switched to it.
  20. Keep the gold, these are absolutely beautiful!!

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