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  1. They look very nice, but I'm still not sure what you're trying to decide here.

    In the first post, you said you're trying to figure out whether to put white borders on the black cards? Could you post up side-by-side pictures of both options so we have an idea of what you're looking at? Everything put up so far just looks like finished product designs, I can't tell if you're presenting options or not.
  2. Christopher, if you reference the first image of this thread in the first post you'll see 3 deck designs. The advice is regarding the SERONDA deck (the last 2 clips of the first picture, compared side by side). My question is whether or not the Black Seronda deck should have white edges or black edges.
  3. I much prefer the white edges. Very nice, by the way.
  4. I see. Well, if they have white borders on the back, but black faces, people will complain that you can't do inverted card tricks with them as the inverted cards will show quite starkly in a deck.

    If the faces will be black, make them all black. If the faces will be white, make them with a white border.
  5. Great looking cards and box. I would prefer white faces be printed with white boarders and black faces with black boarders. Thanks for sharing your designs. Hope you decided to print them.
  6. Those are gorgeous! I would pick up several of those in a heartbeat! I like both the white and black, I'm sure they could each be used for different purposes; ie. manipulation, effects. I love'em!
  7. As it's the black faces that I dislike, I would suggest having black backs and white faces. Since I'm suggesting white faces, a black border will reveal reversed cards, so I'd go with a white border around the black back, a la earlier versions of DnD's S&M cards.
  8. what does the ace and joker look like with black faces? 0.o
  9. Dude, I would totally buy a brick of these if they came out.
  10. First I must say: I LOVE THE LOOK OF THESE CARDS!! But I have to agree with praetoritevong, the black faces are kind of a turn off, but that's only if I were to be preforming. Other than that, these are beautiful! If you ever decided to sell those, I'd by a brick, or two, or three....
  11. Great cards... I love them and I can tell you put a TON of work in them... It must take a lot of time, patience, and creativity.

    As for the black backs, I like them... and I actually like the black faces too...

    The problem with making white borders around the black cards are if the faces are black, when a card is reversed for some odd reason during an effect (hmmm lol) It is noticeable.

    In my collection of over 60 cards, I have a Bicycle Yellow deck. Look them up if you havent. The problem with them is that on the side of the deck there is a yellow streak. I am not sure if it would look good if you had a white border on the faces... (that would be kinda wierd... but cool. I dont think it has ever been done) but that would also lead to some people saying there may be a trick to them.

    So for the blacks... thats a tough call on what to do regarding the borders, but it you may have to make the face all black or make the faces white and have a white border on the backs. (If the white border on the face of a card looks stupid. But just an idea.)

    But thats coming from someone who does mostly card magic, but I am starting to get into flourishing. Flourishing I think they would be great either way!

    I hope you benefit from my advice, but dont think you have to follow it. Ultimately they are your cards, and you can decide. All I know is that you have done great with them and I will be picking up some! :)

    Let me know if you need any more advice.

  12. So for the blacks... thats a tough call on what to do regarding the borders, but it you may have to make the face all black or make the faces white OR HAVE A WHITE BORDER ON THE FACES. (If the white border on the face of a card looks stupid. But just an idea.)

    That paragraph from my last post, The part in caps there is what I meant to say. I was deep in thought and not deep in correct grammar. LOL :)
  13. "............HOLY SEXINESS!!!!" <---First words out of my mouth after seeing these. These look amazing. And that is even an understatement. I'm very impressed from two points of view. The first if from a magicians point of view. They look like something that I would pick up the day that they came out and carry around with me. My other point of view is that of a graphic designer. I cant tell you how happy I am to see a design that is clean, elegant, and thought out. In the years that I have been studying and designing I cant tell you how many times I have seen people just throw stuff together that's jagged, low quality, and just makes no sense. Even your pictures of them are great. You show all of the angles that one should when pitching a product. I can tell that you put a lot of time and thought into these cards. And for that I applaud you. I have to say that I really cant wait to get my hands on these. Keep us posted on when you plan to release these. If you dont we will probably kick you out of the magic community. (Slight exaggeration) I will definitely be waiting to order these the moment that they go up for sale. Or if you want you can just sell me a few under the table. I wont tell anyone. Hahaha
  14. I've always been a fan of black faces, but I think the Seronda edition looks better with the white borders. It makes the backs look "cleaner". If I had a set of these, I would use the light ones for magic, and the dark ones for flourishing. And keep some in mint condition, just to look at.
    I'd love to have these, and obviously a bunch of other people would as well; so, are you actually planning on having these mass printed?
  15. I can't see them. All I see is a frog in an ice cube.
  16. Is this an issue for others? I can still see the images fine which is what makes me think this is not a server issue.

    As for the deck itself, after listening to the feedback it's been decided to keep the PRIMAVERA deck white on white with GOLD accents and the SERONDA deck to be black on black with SILVER accents. This allows for a person to choose which deck they want to use for either a magician or cardistry occasion. The silver change from gold was in response to the not so positive impressions of the court cards. Because of this change, I have to re-do some images I have of the black deck to display silver instead of gold.

    The kickstarter will be up no later than this weekend. This deck is probably one of the most expensive decks to print to date, and the price I'll be providing them at will be extremely reasonable meaning that what I need isn't profit, but support. I hope to have your backing come the launch of this deck.
  17. Wow! As pretty much everyone else has said, these look brilliant. I'm not a huge fan of black borders or black faces, as racist as that sounds. I couldn't see myself performing with these, I don't collect cards and I'm not a big cardist, but I'd buy a pair of these on kickstarter. The boxes are personally my favorite thing about these, very well thoughts out. Powerful stuff, let us all know when the Kickstarter page is live!
  18. Why? The only reason I could see is that they look so damn fantastic I wouldn't want to ruin them. Just saw the box for the first time. Man... I can say these are easily the coolest deck of cards I've ever seen.
  19. It's been requested and decided upon that the SEASONS deck set will be using 100% original artwork. That means that suits and faces will be illustrated with the same quality as the rest of the deck. With this in mind the launch date has been postponed until October 1st. Get ready and get excited.

  20. YES!!! I'm even more excited now!!! ima start saving up now!

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