Hello, people of eleven theories and all. Hope that you're all well!

Now, on to the good stuff:


So. Last week - some people came to my home town. We had a plan. We filmed some stuff. They went home a week later.

Here is a blog post explaining what was going on, sort of.

Here are some photos from the event.
(click 'older' at the top of the window to click through to the next photo in the series, or just use the arrow keys on your keyboard)

Anyway. That's all I've got for now.
If anyone's got Twitter - go ahead and follow me for updates on the project, or scroll through my old tweets to find some spontaneous photos and video clips from the set of #secretcardproject. :)

Discuss, people! Discuss!
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Mar 19, 2009
Calgary, AB
For some reason this isnt spam???

Anyways check out the blog post and pics looked like a cool location, but do we really need another flourish dvd? I own many have, have borrowed any I didnt have from a good friend of mine. Just seems after a certain point there just nothing really new.

Now with that said I really do hope this dvd changes that and does well. Think also if this post is allowed it should be moved to Cardistry section.
Mar 1, 2010
Hong Kong
Chris Hestnes' flourishing DVD.

Really? But Allan could film Chris for this. Dan, Dave, Jordan and Eric would have no need to go to Norway.. In my opinions, this DVD is going to combine all of their works.

Correct me if I am wrong.
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