Should I quit Cardistry?

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  1. why do we flourish most of my life i have playing with cards like magic and xcm. but around 2 days ago my step brother ask me what i was doing i told him it was sybil a card flourish. then he asked me why i do it because he thought it looked horrible then he told me to quit should i?
  2. :O

    That's not a nice step bro. But is it the way you done that sybil? I remember that my sybils looked horrible when I started xD. But does he just hate your flourishes or flourishes AND magic?
  3. wat do ya think

    i say no man dont quit. Its ur brothers opinion that he thinks it horrible but if u think you do good then u do. Thats how ive managed to get this far without thinking about quiting so soon and i believe in myself.

    stay with it.
  4. Whoa, 2 friend requests from you guys in the same time xD:D
  5. It's up to you, why are you basing all your descisions on the opinion of others? If you like doing Cardistry, keep doing it, jeez, it's not difficult to think for yourself.
  6. "Not think of what people think of you, but what you think of yourself"-shadowlion63
  7. Don't stop doing something you enjoy/love doing because someone tells you to. My parents provide very little support for me when it comes to magic / cardistry. Yet, I still practice and perform as often as I can. As for your step brother, he is most likely jealous because you can do something amazing that he can't. A couple of my friends often react the same way when I have a deck of cards on me.
  8. My parents give me support for magic because they know that it could be useful sometime or somewhere. But for cardistry, they just don't want me to do it all the time and to make it a unnecessary hobby. :D
  9. My parents let me buy cards and stuff for magic from time to time but not consistently.
  10. quit...
    cause you don't seem to love it enough to keep doing it..
    people though shouldn't matter when you are practicing.
    if it's a gig or something even if they say you should quit..
    if you love art enough you pratice MORE.
  11. It's all came down to this, it's not important what other people think about what you do the only important thing is what u think about it.
  12. dont quit cardistry.
  13. You should definatly quit. You are immature and take stupid things personaly.If something like that doscourages you. then go ahead and quit. It would be the right thing to do. You wont be missed.

  14. thank you man, anybody that takes a comment like what your step brother said seriously will not help our art. peace.
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    Maybe a bit blunt, but I do agree to an extent.

    I don't think it's immaturity that's making you worried about quitting. I think you respect what your step brother is saying. Maybe a little too much?
    I'm guessing he's older than you, right?

    Cardistry is a very selfish hobby. It's generally not shared with spectators, it's something we do for fun, for ourselves. Therefore, and this goes for almost any decision related to cardistry, every decision you make should be your own. That's what makes it that personal hobby of yours. If someone tells you to quit, that's their choice to say that. It's yours if you want to go ahead and actually quit.

    -Sam H
  16. Don't quit cardistry based just upon what other people say. In fact, since it's your stepbrother saying that, I wonder whether he's just jealous....
  17. hey guys. dont be blunt and it is his choice. i wouldnt quit though. i thought of the same thing and instead, i made alot of flourishes that amazed myself. next time ur step bro says that, tell him to f*** off.j/k
  18. when i do it for people, they think its cool.
    they always ask how i do it.

    if you like it, dont quit.
    if your doing it because you think you have to for some odd reason, then quit
  19. You won't be able to quit even if you try.
    Once you're in you can't get out, it's like trying to quit being in gaol (or jail to you guys).
    Not that flourishing is as bad as being in gaol, it's extremely good, just a comparison

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