Simple Short Sandwich - Feedback?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by uusitalo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi! i've filmed a video on a simple and short sandwich that i like to perform. Hoper you enjoy:

    I'm open to all comments. I would appreciate if you could tell me how to improve etc.

    Best wishes

  2. Awesome routine. Mind if i use it?
  3. Thank you so much! And feel free to use it if you want!

  4. Very smooth. As someone commented on youtube "smooth as butter".
    Loved all the different phases. Keep it up.
  5. wow thank you!

  6. loved the routine very smoothe and sexy
  7. Thank you!
  8. god job. very smooth.
  9. Thank you!!
  10. i meant good. not to say that it was god-like. just to clear that up.
  11. i know. (short)
  12. Its like a ambitious sandwich , I really like it.

    nice job
  13. Thanks! Appreciated!

  14. Its not often i feel compelled to post reply's on these threads but that was pretty dam balla! super smooth, keep it up!
  15. I like it. It's almost identical to something me and Danny cooked up a couple of months ago, just jamming. No worries, not saying this is a problem ;)

    Good job though. As for the revelation, I would suggest doing an Invisible Palm type of revelation instead of just knocking the top King off.

  16. hmm. very similar to my in the hands sandwitch routine... so I have one question

    Why do you start it off with that phase? The move you implement can be done at any time, so why not start off with a "clean" sandwitch to eliminate any possible doubt from the offstart. This way, when you do implement that certain move and "count" in your current first phase, there will be less suspicion, because you have already started off in a very clean way.

    Start clean, end clean... put the "crap" in the middle =) hehe.
  17. Very nice, done smooth :)
    Also video looked good, ghosts and black.
    What's the music?
  18. Thanks!=D (short)
  19. Thanks, and ofc no prob. And i seem just a bit more comfortable with the "push"

  20. I don't think about it that often because the specs never says anything about it.


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