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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Shisaki, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I want to know how much do Smoke and Mirrors v1 go for.
  2. Before the 3rd Edition came out, I saw some 1st editions costing about $30-$40. As the 3rd edition are now sold out, this price will have increased.

  3. nice i just ordered 2nd editions 5,95 from an european :p
  4. Yea it sounds fishy would like to know if you ever get them.
  5. Ummm....what?
  6. Oh I meant in reply to kenblack
  7. Does anyone know where to get them, they seem to be out of stock everywhere I check.
  8. You can try Ebay. The places they were originally sold (T11 and D&D) are both sold out (and have been for quite a while now), so you can really only get them on the secondary market. :)
  9. i have a few left if you are interested
  10. how many and what price. and condition.
  11. I have been gettin 25-35 for my decks on ebay.
  12. kool i will check them on there, and give you a shout.
  13. Don't smoke and mirrors have different names depending on their edition? I'm sure the third edition was the luxury edition, and i'm sure i saw one called the collectors edition.

  14. I am selling a set of 1st edition smoke and mirrors, and a 2nd edition smoke and mirrors signed. If interested just drop me a PM or post it here. They are both unopened.
  15. Despite how good the deal is, there's no advertising on the forums! I have nothing against you Donald, just saying!

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