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  1. Heh. I liked the old Smoke & Mirrors better. They hd a more elegant feel to them. ANd the simplified faces are a big no-no in my book. Pity - Because the cards seem like they handle very well. The very simple faces coupled with extensively complicated back design just don't merge. DOesn't look very classy at all.
  2. Anyone know of any UK stockists ever? i can't order from america as shipping and customs kill...
  3. Yup, the Ds on the back design have more curly lines now
    just like the tuck case

    You can see it on the preview picture
  4. @JoeCarr
    Try buying them straight for
    I got a good freight rate acroos the continent to Indonesia, only $13,15 for 2 bricks
  5. ill check shipping out, its just customs usually slay me and it would only be worth it if i ordered 2 bricks or more which im not sure i can afford :D
  6. @JoeCarr
    hoho, i see
    well, i guess you are just have to wait your local magic shop stock these cards

    gud luck
  7. I don't like the facecards... way to simple/dull.... wonder why only the back's, the aces and the jokers undergo facelifts .... i'd like to see some changes in the designs of the other facecards too.... (subtle and elegant).
  8. yay I'm gonna order some today.:D
  9. The court cards were changed as well, you just didn't like the changes, heh. I mean, there's only so much that can be done before you take away the "core" aspects of the court cards (sword "behind" the head of the queen of hearts, a king having an axe, and the general "feel" of the court cards that I can't really describe in words (that thing that makes ya think "yup...that's a court card alright")). I mean, even the faces of some (just one? Maybe a few? All? I'm not sure) of the court cards were altered a bit.

    And that only leaves the number cards left to be altered, which, let's face it, there's only so much that can be done with the number cards...changing font, but that's about it. Maybe adding a few small touches to the pips (I'm thinking Royal Tragedy type pips), but that's about it. I'm not sure it'd be a good idea to venture too far off of the beaten path in this case, because then the cards would just feel too unfamiliar (which I personally wouldn't like in a deck of cards--if I wanted something drastically different, I'd use Uno cards or some other specialty-game cards or something).

  10. I quite like the faces, I think they're elegant in their simplicity. Oh well.
  11. I bought them from here since the shipping for me was 8 dollars but and dnd it was 17:confused: I'm from cali btw
  12. Hahaha.... I like simplicity too... but to a certain extend... The original standard faces are very basic/simple as they are now... Smoke&Mirrors 2nd editions take away too much from the original design to make them interesting. I think everyting in life should be ballanced... same goes for playingcards.. The way I see it is that the backs,jokers,aces get more and more detailed and soffisticated, but the faces always stay the same... I don't suggest straying too much from the original design (I'm still a bit of a supporter of tradition) but ADDING some details (opposed to taking them away) can possibly restore some ballance... Perhaps some revolutionary designer can make it possible to combine the modernity of the standard faces with a hint of tradition... for example.. slightly pointing out the connection cards have with King David, Alexander the Great, Lancelot, Athena.... and so on... Call me a revolutionary but what is wrong with something that might be called a "RENAISSANCE DECK"....
  13. how can i get the song
  14. Haven't had a look but the song is probably produced in-house - i.e. no release, unfortunately.
  15. These cards are off the hook.

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