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  1. Hey guys I was wondering which versions of Smoke and mirrors you like the best and why?
  2. v.2 or v.3. Best back designs. I also appreciate V.1 for the dark red color on the faces, and V.4 for the fresh new design.

    In other words, all of them.

  3. Cool. I actually like V1 and V2 because the stock feels very flexible. V3 feels more like an ellusionist tiger deck which I hated because they are so stiff and never seem to lose that stiffness. I like the design of V4 the best but cards feel a bit fragile if that makes any sense.
  4. I like V3.
    Love that the Mirrors are all black and unbordered.
  5. Yeah I agree with you about the borders looking better but I still hate the stock.
  6. personally i enjoy the v1 and v2's. i absolutely hate how the v3's have no borders. And i'm not appreciating what DnD are doing with the new colors.
  7. I actually like the design of V4 the best. I always thought the back design looked like a mess on the other versions.
  8. They are all the same to me...But V2 works.
  9. Works in what sense? Visually, feel?
  10. none of the links work
    gutted on me
  11. Oh sorry about that. Just go to Ebay and look for my user ID "reireichelt" and you'll find everything.

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  13. Ok here it goes...Those cards are all almost exactly the same...the only real difference is in the design...V2 just looks better to me...All that "the stock is thicker or more flexible" is completely irrelevant...The difference is not that huge to actually make it a difference...
  14. I would have to disagree strongly. Of course the stock matters. the stock is what makes a lot of the ellusionist decks suck in my opinion because they are super stiff even when they're old. I like the stock to be very flexible and I feel like V1-V2 and V4 do that while V3 is like an ellusionist deck as far as the stock goes. How can stock be irrelevant? It's the main part of a pack of cards. I would pick a pack of cards that has good stock and bad visual design over a pack with poor stock and aesthetically pleasing visual design any day.
  15. well, if you use the singular "mirror":
    "if they would only care to see past the smoke and mirror",
    then you could say something about the picture becoming "clearer", or somehow work clearer into it - or nearer, or dearer (several things rhyme with the singular "mirror")
    I'm sure you could take some literary liberty with "smoke and mirrors"
  16. What you fail to realize is that i'm talking about these cards only...You can believe whatever you want but you wouldn't know the difference between V1 and V4 if you were blindfolded....

  17. I've only ever tried the v.4s, and that too only once for a few minutes, but what Elite just said goes for most decks. If blindfolded you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, unless they were Bee stingers :). Everybody knows those cards are god-like.
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    I failed to realize or you failed to specify? Of course you would feel a difference. V4 is the only version to use recycled paper and that difference was very apparent to me when I first handled them; they felt thinner and more flexible in subtle ways. So I guess a wine connoisseur would fail a taste test as well if they tried samples from the same line blindfolded? Don't be ridiculous man, people who are familiar with a certain product will notice slight differences as newer variations come out. Do you think Dan and Dave could tell the difference between the versions of their cards? Probably so and if you don't think they can then you might suffer from a slight case of ignorance.
  19. Can you actually explain in detail why you wouldn't notice the difference? I'd really be interested to know what tests you have conducted. Just how many times have you blindfolded yourself? Perhaps there are some here that have lost sensation in their hands which would explain this phenomenon of not being able to tell the difference between different packs of cards.

  20. Yeah you failed to realize it....Considering this is a thread about S&M's...and also how I was specifically talking about them....I didn't know I had to go into specifics....then again we aren't all Elite academics right?...And like I can believe whatever you want..In the end of the day you wouldnt know the difference between any of them unless they used completely different stocks....Comparing similar cards to wine?...Really? :rolleyes:

    I also hope you realize that V.4 is an entirely new deck....But still...If you had all four there you wouldn't guess which is which with 100% certainty..I give you cookie if you get at least 2 right...

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