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Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

Mar 25, 2008
Don't mistake my disappointment for savvy. I still bought several of each. I'm a sucker for a new deck of cards.

I really hope they grow on me, but I suspect they won't.

They really remind me of something you would find complimentary in a nice hotel room.

Still a fan of Dan and Dave. No hard feelings guys. I can't imagine how much work you put into these. Just not my poison right now.
Sep 1, 2007
I personally think they look awesome, but I think people don't like the big double D in the center of the cards.
May 7, 2008
SInce you guys hate them so much.. How did you wish they looked like. Oh and don't say " Something unique and different" or things like that. Be specific.:mad:

I'm not in the disappointed camp, but I'm in the letdown camp for sure. I was hoping that the designs would be more dense than they are. Looking through Si Scott's work, there's a mix of heavy and light thicknesses in his line work. The Smoke & Mirrors cards are very light and anemic.

This is what I was hoping to see more of:

Mar 25, 2008
Well, several of Si Scott's designs work his signature flourish designs into more traditional shapes. If you go to his studio website you'll see several examples. For instance there is a swan design made up of a complex swirl design. I guess I was hoping for something more along those lines. I was convinced at one point that Si was completely re-designing the indexes of the cards, so my expectations were probably out of sight from the beginning. After looking at Si Scott's galleries I don't know how you could describe these cards as indicative of his "intricate" or "complex" pieces.
Oct 23, 2007
wow you guys are being very harsh you guys treat jerrys like there gods but there blan its how they feel and thats why there so good of cards and these cards are good looking enough to go out in public and they dont cost your collage fund to buy them i hope you guys take all the comments back when these awsome cards come in the mail thank you dan and dave i bought 6 of each.
Apr 30, 2008
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Hopefully they haven't printed too much because something like that isn't going to get them much reputation - or business, for that matter. The Backs were such a disappointment , I mean, David Blaine had his letters on the Split Spades, at least in a pretty way. If they put some patters in the center It wouldn't be as bad~
And the face cards - I have no Idea why that happened~ what was Si Scott thinking anyways?
I might get a smoke just to try them out, but honestly I'm not too much of a Fan...
Jun 22, 2008
first heard about them a month or so ago and,

I was really looking forward to this deck, I really liked the swirly design.

now they are here,

I still really like the swirly lines but seriously detest the big double D. I would have bought them otherwise, but I dislike the D's too much to buy any. I really like the twins work but the center design is just terrible.
Dec 22, 2007
Long Island, New York
wow you guys are being very harsh
It's called an opinion...

you guys treat jerrys like there gods but there blan
A lot of people don't like Jerry's back design. And by your logic you aren't allowed to call them bland, it's too harsh :rolleyes:

its how they feel and thats why there so good of cards
How do you know how they feel?

and these cards are good looking enough to go out in public
That's your opinion.

and they dont cost your collage fund to buy them
I wanna know where you can go to college for $200...

i hope you guys take all the comments back when these awsome cards come in the mail thank you dan and dave i bought 6 of each.

Also, re-tabed, meet grammar. Grammar meet re-tabed. Maybe you two should get to know each other better
Mar 29, 2008
I was interested to see how these would turn out - I am sad to say that this may be the first deck that I don't buy. Just looking at them, i start to feel disappointed with the colour and white, as if that colour scheme hasn't been beaten to DEATH!

Regardless, the design looks nice - but the self glorifying D on the Jokers and centre are a bit of a turn off.

I understand, as playing cards are starting to become like sneakers for basketball players or skate decks for skateboarders - Cards are becoming personalized to the performers that use them. I have never met Dan or Dave, but know friends of theirs that attest they are great guys, and their talent is obvious. I will pick up a few decks to add to the collection and support them, however, everytime I use a deck of cards with someone else's name or initials on them...I feel like a bit of a poser.

When people started designing cards it was for the it feels like when I buy a deck, I am buying it to pay for "name" magicians to have their own cards - or represent them as my idol. At least with Split Spades it was hidden...the Smoke and Mirror decks looks like it has a big pill in the middle - and the D on the joker - overkill. Again, if I was a wannabe Buck Twin - then these decks would be an awesome thing to show off.

I hope they sell guys - but I also hope when you design cards to sell to the general public - you design them with magicians in mind, not just yourselves - but...perhaps I am wrong, your fan base could be SO hugh that they were just ITCHING to rep your I was a Tony Hawk board when I was 16....or how I am now with a pair of Jordan's.

Good luck - look forward to the reviews.
Apr 30, 2008
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Sorry for doing a comment on all posts about Smoke and Mirrors but...
~ Yeah, the intrest was unrivaled, but when they came out, so was the dissapointment. I just want to scream that out... They can put so much lines in the Dan and Dave logo but they can't afford as much ink on the Smoke and Mirror cards? I'd rather cover the whole back with curvy lines and circles and make the court cards blue and black and whit-ish and wavy curly fonts and all that and I didn't see any... feels upset right now:(
I looiked through the pics again and I think that these cards look amazing. The 2 D's make the deck look better in my opinion. I showed these cards to my dad( since he has the credit card:D) and he said that htye are a beautiful deck. Personally if the deck turned out like the pics bugula posted then I would have been dissapointed. By the look at that fan I know that these cards will be great.
Aug 31, 2007
I, too, would rather see a more dense pattern with more circles and lines rather than two big D's, but that doesn't mean I don't think the decks are awesome... I'll be getting a few (hopefully, if they don't sell out first)
Aug 2, 2008
I think some of you guys aren't yet getting the feeling that is being put across with these cards. These are reminiscent of a time gone by - a time when class and sophistication was important. Kind of like it was in Houdini's day. The tuxedoed and white-gloved magicians of the time really did make heavy use of smoke and mirrors. For most of the people viewing this site, class and sophistication is a foreign concept. Please - that's not a criticism of anyone! It's just our culture today. It's too bad, because I think that as performers, we could use some more sophistication and style. I'm not going to be running out to buy a pair of white gloves any time soon, but it doesn't all have to be "street", does it?

I was surprised by the design. That surprise led to an initial disappointment, because I was fully programmed and conditioned to expect a certain thing... yet another take on all the other decks that we're all used to seeing. And, I probably would have eaten it up just like everyone else would have. But, the longer I looked at the images, the more I was drawn into the concept of this deck. This is something different that might help shake my thinking free from some of the sameness that is taking over. They're a little bit retro. They're clean and classy, without being pretentious. And, instead of being "spooky" or "ferocious" like I was expecting, these give off a "fun" vibe. I think it's a refreshing change, and look forward to trying them out!
major disappointment

I was waiting and waiting for those smoke and mirrors decks to show their face and now that they did I just feel super disappointed. I am sure that these cards handle well and are high quality but I was expecting a lot from the design... Si Scott blah blah blah...the ace of spades looks awesome but the most important part, the backs, are really ugly. I guess that for the price of 6 dollars people are gonna go for split spades instead...
Anyways... will not rush to buy the "1st" edition:rolleyes:
Nov 15, 2007
Ada Oklahoma
I personally loved these decks, and I don't know why ya'll are hating on the backs. For all we know the two D's on the back stand for 'Double Deception', or 'Duck Dimples'. =P. I bought 1 brick of each just because I feel special.

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