Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

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  1. Actually they are just 2 D's that have been horizontally flipped in a basic font. But obviously I'm just a sheep because I don't share your opinion.
  2. haha this week should be interesting. with everyone getting their cards there will be a lot of comments on how everyone is loving playing with a pair of "double d's"

    sorry, couldn't resist
  3. I see a funny pattern here. People complain about the D's. "THEY RUIN THE CARDS!" Then people order them anyway despite the fact they hate the look. Then all of a sudden "THESE CARDS ROCK! THEY LOOK SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER IN PERSON!" Then they write reviews to be able to be the first ones to do so yet those reviews mean nothing to me because they only had the cards for 2 hours yet they are writing reviews. ;) I won't lie I was planning on doing some first impressions, but people are already calling their first impressions actual reviews.:rolleyes:

  4. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that, or if I just had a particularly dirty mind.
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    Besides cards, i love Double D's...

    Yep, Dirty mind here. But in the S&M subject, i think they look awesome, and i know when they'll get in my hands i'll love them more...
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    I really can't understand this logic at all. I hate the "U n00Bz CanT bE Mean cUZ deY SpeAnT HouRZ MakiNg dEM lolz". Of course I can critisize them even if I don't have them because I don't like the way they look. And it's not like DnD designed the cards, it was probably more like Si Scott coming up with different designs and DND just gave him suggestions. Whatever, I'm to sheepish to be in the topic of the holy Smoke and Mirrors.
  7. dragon521,

    1. I never said "U n00Bz CanT bE Mean cUZ deY SpeAnT HouRZ MakiNg dEM lolz" and i didn't mean it either. In my opinion, and it's my PERSONAL opinion, you shouldn't shout they suck unless you have them in your hands and see it:D
    2. and 3. to be continued:D
    PS: i am sorry for the grammar mistakes...if there are any
  8. You're not alone, I still think it looks like an oyster.
  9. I've just ordered two of each, would have ordered 4 bricks if the Ds werent there though but im sure ill be happy.
  10. The Ds are 2 mirrors facing each other.
  11. Im serious......I don't see it
  12. Follow the black lines inside the "clam"- looking thing.

    They form a W.
  13. why did you quote my post? lol

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