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  1. I'm not making excuses? I couldn't care if you like the deck, I just don't appreciate you trying to say that Si Scott has more of an idea about elegance than us because he's a designer. If you like the deck, fair enough, I personally think it's crap, not because would take about 10 minutes to produce in illustrator, I think it would look OK actually, but then D&D went and raped it with their initials, and I know A LOT of people agree with me on that.

  2. I'm not one of those people; however, I do agree with you on your point about art being subjective, you're quite right, art is subjective.

    One thing I would like to point out though is the generalisation that certain groups of people will have similar ideas of concepts such as elegance. That is, whilst Si Scott doesn't have more of an idea about elegance than any one of us, I do think that certain groups of people will have similar ideas of elegance, myself included - that's how groups and movements are formed. Not that anyone's idea of elegance is any more correct than any other person's - just that groups of people have the same notion. If you're in that group, you probably liked the deck, if you don't consider that elegance, then you probably didn't.

    Another thing I would like to mention to anyone else reading this thread is that the design could not be produced in 10 minutes in an illustrator. The design could be replicated in 10 minutes in an illustrator by a highly competent artist. But saying "I could've done that", well, from scratch, you probably couldn't in all likelihood. Not directed at you ElisG, just thought I'd mention it out of my respect for Scott's artwork.

    And in my personal opinion, the D's have looked better than any alternative I've seen; those have raped the deck.

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    Good point actually. What I meant is a lot of people could've designed and made something that looked just as good in Illustrator in a short space of time, 10 minutes was obviously an exaggeration obviosly, but a good 2 days of work would suffice imo.

    Anyway I have no problem with Si Scotts work, I think he did a good job on the aces, jokers and backs, but Dan and Dave killed it with their egotistical branding.

    You could also argue that in this situation it would be more fitting to have a design that the majority of average people would think was elegant, seen as your spectators are the main people who are viewing the cards, I just thought it was childish how he said "these are too elegant for you" which implies that people who disagree with him are somehow inferior.

    It's ironic also, that I was worried that D&D would recieve criticism if Si Scott messed up on the design, but now I think it's vice-versa, Si Scott is recieving criticism for a mistake on Dan and Daves part.
  4. You seriously think the spectators will comment on your deck. " What do the D's stand for" is not such a big problem. Just say it's the initials of the store I bought the cards from. If they say where can I find this store then make up some lie like " I bought them in vegas in some casino". As for how they look. So far everyone I showed the deck to said it looked nice. In my opinion it looks really elegant. Like a rolex of cards.
  5. No I don't, I just think they look fugly. And Jerry Nuggets are the Rolex of cards, way overpriced buy you feel so good when you've got them. :p.
  6. I was sort of talking to everyone and when I said rolex of cards I meant the design.
  7. Oh, my bad.
  8. That's a good point, I forgot who, but someone somewhere on T11 wrote a post about how the deck, could've been targeted towards the majority better.

    I have to say though that I don't particularly feel the D's were egotistical - firstly, I have yet to find a better replacement for them, and secondly, I think it's well within their rights to brand their cards as representative of their company. If they wanted to wear their name, well, there's lots of ways they could do it as well as cards, their classic clips were an easy option if they were really egotistical, their shirts, their caps, their cheerleading dresses...

    Anyway, I won't argue on the fugly point, that's fair enough if you think it does, but I mean, I haven't heard a single complaint that the Wynn decks have the Wynn logo on the back, for example. They brand their cards as from the Wynn casino, the only major difference is that D&D Industries are magic related rather than a casino, but again, no complaints on them. No-one ever complains either that Jerry's Nuggets have their name written on the backs either.

    I'm not sure whether a full word like that or two single letters like DD would attract the most questions though, but I don't see that as a problem either. A lotta people made an awful big deal about what if the spectator asks... I don't really see the problem with that either actually (sorry, backtracking a little).

  9. WOW I wish there was a rep system.
  10. buy some Bicycle reds instead.Seriously what are this cards going to do for you.They wont make you flourish like dan and dave,they wont give you the speed of Tudor,they wont give you creativity either.They are just cardboard,Why do you make such a big deal about it.It reminds me when kids bough Michael Jordan shoes to "jump higher". XD
  11. Great... Another BrianX...

    Ever heard of preference? Maybe some people like these cards for looks, or the way they handle, or any other random idea, but it isn't your place to judge until you've tried them.

    However, with that attitude I've seen in this past hour, you'll just plain-out diss them anyways... :|
  12. Speaking about Bikes, I haven't had a deck of bikes since January. All I've been using were wynns, tallies, and arrcos.
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    It's not about performing better. They represent me, who I am as a person and a magician and hint at my style of magic. In other words, they're an extension of my hand that contains a basic idea of my character. They feel great of course but so do lots of cards. The rest, the magic, is of course, up to me.

    edit: Thanks, copperfield 14, appreciate it :)
  14. lol so very true

    actually they really represent dan and dave with a hint at their style

    i use blue and red bikes.. nothing else, never bought any "special" decks and until i get my own design printed i probably wont , why would you.. you can get a 2 pack at walmart for $4.75 no shipping no waiting work great for anything.... and for the majority of the memebers here, more money that stays in your college fund...
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    The wynn logo is different imo, it looks like a cool design rather than two standard letters.

    They have every right to brand their cards, I just feel that they ruined the cards by doing so, obviously that's just my opinion tho. I think they look better without any D's, I agree that alot of the replacements look hideous, but the one I saw without any D's looked cool imo, nice and simple.

    And to be honest I think Jerry Nuggets are a totally different ball game, they didn't hype anything, they just had cards, that went out of print so now they are worshipped by flourishes, I think if Jerry Nuggets said for a couple of months: "These are elegance at their finest!" etc, a lot of people would be dissapointed.

    Obviously all just my opinion btw^
  16. And it happens to also characterise mine as well - is there any reason I can't have a similar style? In fact my magic isn't close to DD's, but my presentation and my persona is. There's nothing wrong with having both.

    ElisG, I can completely understand where you're coming from. Actually, I quite liked that symbol they had with the two back to back D's and the swirls around them, that was nice... D's probably could've been more like a cool design, I'll admit that.

  17. Join the club! I've only purchased one Bike deck in the past three months! I've been ordering Aladdin's, Arrcos, Wynns, Dr. Leons, Steamboats, Bulldog Squeezers, Split Spades, and now also S&M. My goal is to have tried every available deck by the end of the summer. Still need Golden Nuggets, Jerry's Nuggets, and Studs.
  18. A club:eek: Although I might be to cool to join a club.:cool:
  19. I got both decks today and I have to say that they are really good. The feel of it definitely make up for the D's on the backs. And the mirrors deck is pure elegance.
  20. Good to hear! Mine are on their way.

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