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  1. Does anybody have any tips for launching the card in snapp'd ? I've gone over the teaching many times but still have trouble shooting the card. Any hints/tip would be appreciated, thanks....
  2. i have honestly never heard of this where is it from?
  3. Lethal by Daniel Madison....
  4. Ok make sure when you are flicking the card that all 3 fingers are on the top half of the card. Then pull your INDEX finger down at the same time release the other fingers. Dont apply to much pressure nice and smooth. Read the Lethal PDF companion. Its a very knacky move but when you have it, its very satasfying.

  5. Is the pdf sold seperately?
  6. Its on the DVD. If you cant find it or having trouble finding it email Daniel. But its a very breif explanation.

  7. Thanks....
  8. It's pretty much a knack. Keep practicing and one day, you'll get it.
  9. What realy helped me was to do the action with only one card, without holding the deck and once you have the action down and you can do it with one card. then try it whilst holding the deck

    hope it helps.
  10. Agreed. I would like to add that you should try doing snap'd without movement from your wrist. Just practice the release. Once you see the card starts to spin a little, then add your wrist. Careful not to shoot too hard though.:p
  11. Good thoughts here, but its Snap.d not Snapp'd. Sorry, just saw the mistake. =P.

  12. i can get the card to spin out but i'm having trouble catching it becuz it spins out so awkwardly. Like it sometimes spins out the opposite direction. A little help plz?
  13. As far as catching the card I find there is no special technique to it, its just a knack all I can offer is the somewhat redundant advise of just practice makes perfect.
  14. It spins in the opposite direction becouse, you are flicking your RING finger not your INDEX.

  15. Here are a few of my tips.

    - Remember as jaydinho is saying, only flick with your index finger. The middle and ring finger does not move!

    - I find that you get a better shot if you mainly contract the card with the nails of your index and ring finger.

    - The middle, ring and index fingers should not be touching eachother. I have found that this move is very easy if the fingers are relatively far apart. Not too much, but just so they don't touch + a little more then that.

    - To get a higher shot remember to move your wrist upwards as you shoot.

    - Catching the card is nothing but practice.
  16. I think you quoted the wrong person....

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