So, hypothetically...

Mar 22, 2010
Hey guys, what's up?

I just have a quick question, although this might sound a bit odd. I know it isn't usually encouraged for beginning magicians to sell their own tricks and all. So, let's just say that in theory.. some magician figured out a way to crack the holy grail? That is, unforced, hands off, shuffled by spectator, ACAAN. Now, let's also say that this particular solution to this problem isn't solvable using the everyday tools you keep in your garage.

The question basically boils down to: assuming this idea is serious, realistic, and comprehensively laid out, would there be people to talk to who might financially back such a project? I'm not really talking mass-production or really anything public, as it would probably be outrageously expensive to build.

For the record, I know this must sound tremendously stupid. I don't have the details worked out on this, and it would take an enormous amount of effort to fill them in, with no merit afterwards; I would never be able to create this myself. However, I do actually think that this idea might work, so I just wanted to poll if it could be considered "normal" for established, high-end acts (which would, realistically, be my only target market), to buy from or collaborate with, well.. amateurs.

Now, who will be the first one to argue that true ACAAN doesn't exist :p?


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Sep 14, 2008
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There are SO many ACAAN's out there I would be hard pressed to believe you have figured out a new one but I guess it is possible.
Berglas effect is beautiful or one can master a heck of second deal and pull it off as well.
Mar 22, 2010
So, if I understand correctly, the "true" ACAAN has been reached in the Berglas effect? That is, no stooges, along with the properties mentioned above? Sucks.

I'm already endlessly practicing my second deals, which I indeed do plan on using for my own ACAAN. Mostly because it's several thousands of dollars cheaper though, not necessarily because I think it would be better.


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Jul 23, 2007
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Hey Acme,

Creativity is never futile. Those that have been in magic just one day might approach an age old effect with a different mindset, bringing something new to the table effortlessly. Is it likely? No. Has it happened before? Absolutely. Would love to hear your idea and if of interest, and if original, our team will make sure it gets into the right hands. You can submit details here in strict confidence.
Mar 22, 2010
Mr. Bayme,

Thanks for the heads up (I appreciate the entrepeneurship ;)), but again, this idea will need some serious work before it might be discussed seriously. I wasn't aware that you would also be approachable for these kinds of tricks though, so I'll certainly keep it mind should this idea come off the ground.
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