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  1. New to card flourishing and magic just picked up a deck of cards about 2 weeks ago and started.... I'm really getting into card flourishing now but every time i see a flourish it just looks over whelming and when i try it my cards fall everywhere.....just wondering if there was some tips on a little more than basic flourishes....i have down the charier, Fan cut, Revolution cut sort of, looking for more 2 handed flourishes.... any responses would be much appreciated.
  2. Try The Werm by Dan and Dave. Super easy and super pretty.
  3. 1.practise

    good luck ;D
  4. Don't rush it - there are flourishes that take months to master. Especially some of the more difficult flourishes - even the best can take months to master them, to be perfectly honest. I think you're doing good for 2 weeks in. But definitely do be aware that a lot of the more difficult ones take time. Also, keep at it - sometimes, your fingers just aren't used to those motions. When I first started for example, I couldn't do the Flash Drei/Impossible Stack Closer off De'vo's XB1 DVD. My fingers literally just couldn't stretch like that. But now I can do it fine, it just takes time to work on flexibility and finger strength - same with something like the Eye Cut.
  5. Everyone has this problem, you just need to stay positive and stay focused. I used to shun away from learning Pandora and Lethal because they well, looked too lethal. However, after watching so many videos of Dan performing Pandora and Daniel Madison displaying Lethal I convinced myself that I am able to reach their standards, or at least somewhere near it. Right now, I practice these two flourishes every waking day, and I love them to the death. This applies to pretty much every flourish out there.

    Nonetheless, the issue will eventually boil down to one word. Practice. :D
  6. I thought so XD haha just did know if it was just me or i just needed time
    i looked a learning the werm but my cards kept falling everywhere when i tried it >.<
  7. Daniel Madison: "The slower you do it, the better you get at it. Your muscles get used to the cards before you do"
    Don't go with the idea "It's to hard" - I've been down that road, and it's not like that, anything is achievable. Start with simple basics, buy Andrei Jikh's Genesis, it covers basics well enough, and it's good for inspiration. Also, check out youtube if you really want to go 2-hand basic. (Search for 2 Handed Cut tutorial part 1) - helped me in early days. In time, you will see that, at about 5 months or so you will go like "Oh my God, that's so simple, I can't believe that I struggled so hard" ... Don't worry, things will work out, just Practice Practice Practice ! :)
  8. Hey there!

    Well if it makes you feel better I gotta say you're definitely not alone! I just started learning the Genesis DVD earlier this month as well, about 3 weeks or so, and I'm also struggling in progressing, my molecule cuts are super slow, Leno cut falls apart most of the time, and I swear i need to implant rubber in my fingers before I can learn the Eye cut.

    The Werm was in fact the first one I tried, and after a few days it was quite decent. Hopefully we'll progress well in a few months time :) Good luck to you and me!
  9. Hey everyone!
    Great responses. I'm in a similar boat I've purchased a few of the "easy" downloads from here at Theory11. the Cardistry 101, Harbor Change and Card Manipulation 101. I also bought a few decks of cards to get started. Are there cheaper cards to practice with?I've pretty much made two of my Propaganda decks stick junk cards. Also I work well with in person training is there anyone in the Los Angeles area that does private classes? Also is it possible just not to have the right hands?

    Thanks and i'll keep trying!
  10. make sure your hands are relatively clean before your practice. also practice in a place so that when the cards fall they fall on a clean surface. even if you just practice for 30min a day the deck will wear out after about a month. storage is important too, store them where it doesnt get really hot because the cards will start to stick together. usually if i practice for more than two hours i switch decks because the cards start to stick together from the sweat on my hands. your deck will wear out less once the deck feels more natural in your hands and you have the moves down.

    Best of luck

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