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    Facebook For Magicians

    The Illusionist Network was built for all Illusionists that are already well established in their art, and for those aspiring magicians.
    There is a new social network built exclusively for all magicians that are already well established in their art for aspiring magicians as well.
    Enter the Illusionist Network!
    This premier social network caters specifically to the desires and need of our members who are serious about their work.
    Illusionist \magicians of every variety will be able to enjoy promoting their unique craft and products with photos, videos, blogs and even podcast with their followers and fellow colleagues.
    This allows for some piece of mind for our magician members because they can choose to interact, collaborate and promote magic, with the members in their circles.
    In the In magicians can earn professional endorsements and badges from other magicians and also endorse others.
    Magicians can create a custom resume tailored to their history and expertise involving magic.
    In this way illusionist \magicians with all levels of experience can gain credibility and popularity, providing them the opportunity to host more of their own performances and gain visibility.
    Not only will magicians be able to enhance their visibility and notoriety they can also enhance their arsenal by buying, selling or trading their illusions within the IN Classifieds.
    Many of the hottest magic effects and products available on the market can be found on the Shoppe’
    Truth be told, illusionist network will be the Go-To online resources and professional social network for all things magic.
    The creators of the Illusionist Network will be nominating well versed magicians to utilize the site and test its features and functionality. These nominated magicians can become the “shape shifters” the major movers that influence and inspire others who have a real desire to perfect their art of magic. Follow us on Facebook for more information on how to become a beta tester visit

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