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  1. Hey guys, so this isn’t really a MAGIC Problem per-say but since it deals with me buying a magic effect then I’m posting about it here.

    first of all I know that the problem is not in theory11.

    So here’s the thing, I recently purchased a few decks and an uncut sheet, more specifically on the 28th of December , i used normal First Class International package delivery which should deliver it in about 21 days, thing is I haven’t gotten any notifications from USPS ever since the second of Jan.

    Any idea what I should do?
  2. Did you confirmation email with shipping and tracking codes? Often with international(depending on the origin) the package will be sweet delivery companies . Ex. A lot of Europe uses dhl but if I ship dhl international to Canada but as soon as it gets into the country it’s in the hands of Canada post .
    Find your confirmation , go to the site that represents which ever courier you are using . Copy and paste your tracking info .see if there’s info.

    I wish I could be more help .
  3. Here’s the thing though, in the USPS site, it still says delivered to our USPS facility in Springfield Network distribution Centre. It’s been the same ever since the 2nd of Jan
  4. Do they have a live chat ? I would reach out to them .
  5. I have no idea if they do. Is there anyway I could know if they do?
  6. It’s best to use a computer than a phone . Often a pop up in the lower corners or by checking out the contact section . If I was at a computer I’d check it out for ya but I’m out and about with my phone
  7. It’s alright I’ll open my laptop now. By the way I really appreciate your help Baker :)
  8. International USPS First Class doesn't guarantee tracking updates once the package leaves the states, and it can take up to 8 weeks to deliver.

    You can try contacting your local post office (Whichever is nearest you/handles your mail usually) and see if they have any information, and you can contact the vendor to see if they can dig anything up, but most likely you'll just have to wait a bit.
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  9. 8 weeks? Holy Cow. I thought it usually takes almost 21 days
  10. By the way guys I just received an email from one of the packages that I ordered, it said “Your item was delivered at 9:32 am on January 23, 2020 in NORTH HAVEN” But I live in Dubai and there’s no such place called North Haven. Does that mean that it’s still in the US and it’s on its final destination to Dubai? Or does it mean that it’s been shipped and delivered to Dubai from NORTH HAVEN?
  11. North haven is in Connecticut.


    No idea, would there be a link or an email address you can use to ask for clarification/help in the email?
  12. It was most likely shipped back to the warehouse (returned to sender) due to an invalid or insufficient address, which can be the case since the shipping address is in the UAE and those addresses can be tricky. Your best course of action would be to reach out to their support team to go about receiving a replacement package by confirming your shipping address to them in all English characters, making sure each and every detail is correct. They should be able to sort it out for you!

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