1. P

    Please help me find name of the move and where i can learn it ☺

    link: timing: 2:03-2:10 Thanks!
  2. Caleb the Magician

    Best magic tricks/cardistry for YouTube?

    As you saw in the title, I am looking for the best cardistry/magic tricks for my YouTube. I perform mainly shorts and street magic. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I am less than ten subscribers away from 500! So, I was trying to think of a special trick/cardistry move or tutorial to...
  3. Caleb the Magician

    Harry Potter cards!

    Just got my Harry Potter playing cards and was wondering if anyone wants me to make a deck review on them. I got twelve decks 3 of each color/house. I ordered 4 and i won the other 8. Let me know if i should. (My YouTube channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xgV-x6XfTmuWTRcyEQLdA
  4. Caleb the Magician

    Waterfall shuffle tutorial

    So, this is a video of me teaching the waterfall shuffle. I posted this on YouTube and it has over 1.2k views. But I want your thoughts on how to make it better, or just what you think. (My YouTube channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xgV-x6XfTmuWTRcyEQLdA
  5. Caleb the Magician

    Music ideas for magic YouTube posts?

    So i am working on some posts for YouTube, but i never know what music to use or if i should even use music at all. I post cardistry, magic tricks, sometimes tutorials, and street magic. If you have any good music suggestions please tell me. Also trick suggestions are appreciated too. (my...
  6. Caleb the Magician

    What are the best magic tricks to perform at a paid gig?

    Just recently I was offered the opportunity to perform for a Halloween event at a gym. They are going to give me a table and I will be performing for 2 hours while kids walk around and collect candy. I am just wondering what are some good tricks to perform because this is my first event like...
  7. CalebK11268

    How do i find Tarantula 2.0 instructions?

    Just recently purchased some magic tricks one of them being Tarantula 2.0 and I cannot find the instructional video or the pdf. If anyone knows please help.
  8. CalebK11268

    What are the best magic tricks to buy?

    I am a street magician and have been considering buying some new tricks i was looking at CYBER, Omega, and Tarantula2.0. But before i did i wanted a second opinion on it and would appreciate any suggestions. I will post my YouTube channel below if you wanna see what i already have/do...
  9. CalebK11268

    What is the best street magic trick to perform?

    As a magician i love performing but it's always hard to figure out what trick to open with and what tricks to perform. I'm pretty advanced but always looking to get better. I really appreciate any tips or suggestions i can get. Thanks! (if you wanna check out my YouTube channel)...
  10. CalebK11268

    What are the best Magic tricks/cardistry moves to post on Youtube?

    I have recently started a YouTube channel where I post magic tricks and cardistry. But the only problem is I never know what the best stuff to do is. So if you guys have any suggestions please comment down below and I will most likely do it. Also if you wanna see what I currently have on to go...
  11. Y

    Someone please help me out

    Hey guys, so this isn’t really a MAGIC Problem per-say but since it deals with me buying a magic effect then I’m posting about it here. first of all I know that the problem is not in theory11. So here’s the thing, I recently purchased a few decks and an uncut sheet, more specifically on the...
  12. S

    I can't find this deck anywhere!

    Ive had this deck almost since I've started collecting and it's pretty trashed and I don't even have the box anymore but it's been one of my favorites for a long time but since I don't have the box IDK what it is called and searching "green and maroon bicycle cards" yeilds nothing. Does anyone...
  13. Weeping Angel

    Using Elite Points to Discount Purchases

    Hello! I was wondering what the exchange rate was of Elite Points to dollars. I want to purchase something very cheap on Theory11, but I am not sure how many points to use. How many would you recommend for something that is $2.95? Requesting a moderator's assistance. Thanks!
  14. K

    Help required for the move "364"

    I bet a lot of you guys have watched the video "we were never here" on cardistry touchs' YouTube channel! At 1:07 Dimitry performs a Move called "364" wich I think to be really cool. So I would like to learn it! But I couldn't find a tutorial yet! I hope there is somebody around here knowing how...
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