What are the best magic tricks to buy?

Antonio Diavolo

Elite Member
Jan 2, 2016
Depeends on what type of tricks you're looking for.

I don't own Cyber but my friend does and it's pretty cool. It seems pretty versatile and gets good reactions. I've wanted to pick it up for awhile but didn't have the means to perform it.

I don't own Tarantula but I've played with the gimmick and it's super fun. Any ITR is going to be a pretty useful tool for some powerful magic. Tarantula has a locking feature for it's motor which allows for some really unique effects. It packs small as well which is nice. I'd also highly recommend Loops if you don't have them. You can buy them and a bunch of tricks with them on T11. It's called Animation. I'd also highly suggest the "Innercircle" wallet holder for them so you always have them with you.

Omega looks like an absolutely fantastic trick but I personally wouldn't buy it for myself. I mentioned in my other reply that pocket space is important for me and I can't really justify carrying around a full deck of gimmicked cards for this effect. I know the two aren't remotely comparable but I'm satisfied with using a cross cut force to accomplish the "divining whatever card the spectator cuts to" trick.

If you could see yourself getting good use out of it, I'd say go for it.
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