1. Caleb the Magician

    Music ideas for magic YouTube posts?

    So i am working on some posts for YouTube, but i never know what music to use or if i should even use music at all. I post cardistry, magic tricks, sometimes tutorials, and street magic. If you have any good music suggestions please tell me. Also trick suggestions are appreciated too. (my...
  2. CalebK11268

    How do i find Tarantula 2.0 instructions?

    Just recently purchased some magic tricks one of them being Tarantula 2.0 and I cannot find the instructional video or the pdf. If anyone knows please help.
  3. CalebK11268

    What are the best magic tricks to buy?

    I am a street magician and have been considering buying some new tricks i was looking at CYBER, Omega, and Tarantula2.0. But before i did i wanted a second opinion on it and would appreciate any suggestions. I will post my YouTube channel below if you wanna see what i already have/do...
  4. CalebK11268

    What is the best street magic trick to perform?

    As a magician i love performing but it's always hard to figure out what trick to open with and what tricks to perform. I'm pretty advanced but always looking to get better. I really appreciate any tips or suggestions i can get. Thanks! (if you wanna check out my YouTube channel)...
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