Something i learned from my 21st birthday...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chrisfecto, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Do not play with flash paper while drunk

    that is all.
  2. Errr. I'm not sure I want to ask how you learned this lesson, but duly noted.
  3. Hmmmm....... Better Warn Mark.
  4. How dare you give us a warning of this without a good story attached to it?
  5. "yes I agree aswell shallow and padantic" (I havent a clue how to spell padantic)
  6. Nobody's said it yet, so I will. Happy 21st!
    And anyway, there's much better things to do whilst drunk. Human Blockhead springs to mind...:p
  7. happy 21st, Wish you included a story though :(
  8. I'm lucky i could type the original post. But basically I did Warning! by Kostya and all was going well. For the reveal i put the lighter behind the flame of the flash paper. The whole spacial awareness thing just wasnt there so i may have burned my thumb pretty well considering I put it directly in the flame.

    I handed the lighter to the spectator and left to run some water on it and shout my fair share of expletives.
  9. Or how bout playing with flash paper while performing the Human Blockhead?! :rolleyes:
  10. Now we're just being silly :p
  11. Sounds like an awesome drunken birthday to me...;)


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