Spectator's forces

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  1. I discover a method in my research of some of my magic book that allow the Spectator to force the card with knowing it. I was wondering if there were any other forces like this?
  2. Do you mean “without” knowing it?

    If you are talking about forces that are done in the spectator’s hands, there are many ways to do that. Check out Mark Wilson’s Complete Course for several methods such as cut deeper, 10 to 20, perfect force and cross cut force.
  3. Yes I ment without. Yes I know that book well. Thank you
  4. Balduccis cut deeper force and criss cross forces
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    In my opinion both cut deeper and criss cross force work well although the cut deeper principle is LESS known to laymen. Criss cross force requires a little bit of patter and coming back to the deck in order to work.

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