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  1. I could do with some help. i have started to do stage shows and i need help with an opening effect. something with 100% success rate (as long as you know how to do it right i mean) that is quick and can involve the audience.

    now if you can only give me an effect for one or two of the thing i am asking for i will be really happy. its best to let people know what i ultimately want so we can work to it.

    I have ventured into the field of hypnosis and suggestion. the problem is i have not been doing it that long and time is an issue. What i mean by that is when you have been given a 10 minute show its not best to do real suggestion and rather something that looks like it or mentalism that fits the stuff that i do.

    I dont mind what kind of effect you can suggest as you can just use an effect as it is anyway you have to make it your own.

    any easy forces ( as in ones that work really well, example better than a card force) will me very welcomed. i know some forces but normally i get a 75% success but on stage it goes down to about 60 maybe even 50%. (i have not had too much practise with forces but im working on it)

    anything that could look like suggestion or can lead to it will be very welcomes but any kind of mentalism would do =]
    thanks for the help
  2. If you've only had a short amount of time practicing hypnosis and suggestion, I wouldn't recommend doing this yet. You need a lot of time to make sure you've studied it correctly and can do it without miss. I've heard good things about Universal Impression by B. Smith. You might want to check that out.

    Hope I've helped

  3. I will second Universal Impression due to the time constraint you are requiring. You can use the gimmick with a deck of cards, notepad, or other items to get practically a full proof read....unless the spectator doesn't follow your instructions or is just plain messing with you.

    A good example of a force that looks so innocent is taking a batch of post it notes that alternate the sticky stuff on each end, looks like an accordion, have varying words as you riffle down through the side, but when you rotate the stack of post it notes 180 degrees, you riffle down and every page has the same word.
  4. Why don't you make an invisible deck, only use Postcards of various countries instead of playing cards. That way you could have various audience members decide or vote on things like "which hemisphere they think the country is in" or "whether they think it's a big or small country." The method is 100% sure-fire, gets a large portion of the audience involved, and can look like suggestion.

    Note: it might help to make the postcards very large, almost jumbo card sized.
  5. Great idea, I may try this for my show!
  6. Another convincing force is to have spectators write on blank post cards locations or whatever it is you are working with and drop them into a small cardboard box.

    You then hold it up high in the air, above eye level, after about 10 cards go in...then release a gimmicked side wall that falls flat on top of all of the spectators cards and blocks them from selection. Behind that side wall that falls is 10 cards that all say the same thing.

    Spectator reaches in the box and pulls out one forced whatever pretty darn convincingly.
  7. i like the box idea as it involves everyone, nice.
    as i said i have no problem with suggestion, just time can be a problem. i dont know a lot of people how would perform suggestion with 10 minutes on stage. when i say i have a problem with time. i cant do rapid inductions. i do know where to learn it from. i just need to practice it. at a party i did. i showed 3 effects and run over my time. stuck a person's hand to a table, made someone drunk and took someone through a journey. I ran over 15 minutes. mostly as you have to let people react to want they are seeing and now rush it and make sure people are ok before you leave them.
    with 20 mins u can finish on sticking someone's hand on a table or just make someone get drunk off water by its self.
    for hypnosis and even more so suggestion i need to be able to get rapore with the audience. something i can do in walk around as you can talk to someone for even 20 minutes before you even pull out cards or anything like that and talk for and hour after the magic has stopped.
    so i want to learn stage skills that i will only learn by experience by taking a step back so i can focus more on my performance and less on what im doing.

    so im fine with suggestion. just not stage. i have no starting effects for stage.

    post cards work but it doesnt get the whole audience to do something, maybe three at most.
    i got told some wise words form a performer. your focus should be the people in the crowd not the person on stage. as they are now part of the show. they are already experiencing the magic/mind read etc, you need to make sure the crowd feel it too. doesnt mean that u treat the person on stage badly. i hope u get what i mean.

    so the 1st thing i need is to bring everyone together. now before me people might be listening to other people playing music. therefore they will be in their own groups doing their own thing. this is the mind set. we need to break it and bring the together. the box thing works but i need tow or three more as its now i one off show. if u point me in the right direction im sure i will be off doing good =]
  8. one more thing ive been thinking about.
    for the box thing why not phylogically force the force. i mean if the thing you want to force is a tree try to get people to think of tree. so if the force works you have read their mind, if not u read one elses
  9. Your opening effect should involve the whole audidence. Look on YouTube for George Tait's Mind Tapped live opener. It is a great effect and has some very clever thinking in it.
  10. Where is it written that the opening effect should involve the whole audience?
    Richard Osterlind opens with Bank Night, which doesn't involve everybody by any means. Marc Salem begins with a booktest, which only involves 1 or 2 people.
  11. Bob Cassidy's Art of Mentalism 2, which is reprinted in The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy.
  12. Of course, Bob Cassidy's opener doesn't involve the whole audience eihter.
  13. Are we reading the same book because not only does he mention an opener should involve the whole audience, his one does.
  14. ...and Bob explicitly states that the opener should be a "major effect" -- one that involves a large number of audience, if not the whole audience. Psychological force on the audience, for example.
  15. I don't think you understood what he meant by "major effect." A psychological force on the audience, more often than not, does not constitute a major effect.

    Banachek, for one, doesn't reccomend opening with a sequence of psychological forces on the entire audience.
  16. Eh you could simply do one of the effects in the first chapter of Corinda as a stage opener. Sure it doesn't deal with the ENTIRE audience, but it deals with 3 or 4 of them.

    The idea of opening with an effect that deals with the entire audience is good because it gets rid of the idea that you're using stooges. But often times, you don't always that option. I did like his quick psychological force that he did in Fundamentals.
  17. it doesnt need to deal with the whole audience, just as much as we can
    thanks for the help people.

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