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  1. Politely, why?
  2. Because he wants to get opinions on his performance.

    • Keep the cards in the shot at all times
    • It looked very unnatural when you put the card in the deck
    • I don't like the static electricity patter, just my personal preference though
    • If you can, milk the movement of the packet more
  3. finally some good constructive critisicm thank you :)
  4. I agree that I don't like the patter. Be a little original. :). Also, the packet didn't seem to slide. It just popped off. Also, you could had been a little more enthusiastic. It looked like a boring version of D&D. =P Work on that.

  5. ok i will tnx!
  6. Love to see it live.
  7. Its pretty good but I don't like the patter at all.
  8. ok i know my patter sucked but what do u want me to say give me some ideas?
  9. Okay :), dude 60%-90% of the trick is presentation. I hate that modern DVD´s and such dont teach that. I cant find a single dvd where they concentrated on how to build a solid presentation.

    Also i now hate having stock stuff and this is what i do. I practice the trick and get it down with no patter that means you basically have bare bones.
    Strip everything you can to get it more bones than you can imagine.
    And build everything from the ground up.

    Think about all the movements you make, what style you want to do it in, make it fit your style. Make it fit you...

    I dont have this so what i would do is this:

    Barebones its this:


    This is a 5 minute thing, i have not worked on the final revealt part and im not going to because i dont have it. But here is something:

    Me: Hello, how your name Sarah, okay Sarah my name is Mikk. Have you ever seen the show tom and jerry?

    Sarah: Yes i have, i love them.

    Me: Looks like we have a fanatic on our hands :), nono im just joking, you probably dont have a room full of jerrys and toms and pajamas to go with them, like i do. Okay a little too much info there, hehe *looks very upset of what he just said*. Okay so the deal is that when i was little i watched them everyday, i literally woke up and watched tom and jerry. *calmly says* I loved life back them...Anyway, i actually learned English from them, at the age of six i could talk Enlglish more fluidly than my sister, who is 15 years older than me.
    Now do you know the basic sequences that went on in the episodes?

    Sarah: Alittle, i dont remember it very well.

    Me: Well, its basically this. Jerry runs away from tom and every once in a while Tom gets Jerry. Now he makes alot of fuss to eat him correctly, he for instance makes a very tidy sandwich or takes a candle and a plate and on the plate is jerry with sauce and such.

    Lets try to recreate that, are you in?
    Is everybody else dying to see Tom and Jerry for the 6004 time? :)

    Sarah: Im in...
    Spectators: Clap

    Me: Okay, i have here a deck of cards. Now i want you to imagine the deck being Tom, not yet we have to get Jerry first :). Pick a card, and write Jerry on it really big.

    Sarah: in the middle?

    Me: In the middle or on the side or wherever just write Jerry there so we could indentify him later.

    Sarah: *writes* Here you go

    Me: Thank you that was very helpful ( this is important because this ties you with the spectator. It makes them feel important)
    Now, we have Tom&Jerry. I want you to imagine the deck being Tom and the card being Jerry. Now as i was saying every once in a while Tom gets Jerry...*you put the Jerry card in the middle*. Now i want you to help me out again and hold your finger on Tom for a moment. Now as soon as you let go Toms guard will be down and thats because Jerry gets away everytime. You can let go anytime you want, just lift your finger.

    Sarah: *Lifts finger and the deck moves.* WOW....

    Me: Jerrys half way away he needs to make the final jump, *tap the deck and the Jerry card flyes out* there he goes right back to his home. You saved him give her a round of applause.

    The ending is as i said a bit strange and dosent give the full effect credit. The end must be the finalt straw where they hang on to, you want to make the magic be with you and the spec. The basic job is done now expand this and make it big and hard hitting.

  10. well the modern dvds dont really teach the pattern because there r way too many will just follow exactly what the modern dvds teach to be.

    so without the pattern, we might be coming out with our own pattern just like the example of yours. btw, nice routine! i like the part where u tell the audience to sign jerry on it!! :)

    presentation is just something that u really need to feel comfortable with. n everybody should understand it.

  11. ok first of i wanna say thank you mr.madman very nice post and very helpfull.
    second thing is i do use patter but its just weird performing to the camera i hope ypu understand but amazing post i will use that

  12. Where are the spectators? this looks more like practice to me.
  13. no i mean when i perform to realy ppl!

  14. I didnt meant teaching the patter but rather no dvd´s teach how to build a patter a script. Although after much thinking about the fact its something you can´t teach. Making a presentation is a work in progress. You start off and make a lot of modifiactions while you are performing it.

    The real knowledge is in books and in performing.

    I remember an awesome thing i found out. Ill make a thread and link here, its something i wanted to discuss but forgot :)

    Just a few books on performing and making a good performance, are Paul Brooks "Alchemical Tools" and MML 1.0 by Alvo Stockmann, the second one i havent used but has some good stuff in it.

  15. Sorry, when I saw the word 'performance' I expected people to be watching. Guess I'm funny that way.

    Is there a different version of D&D?
  16. Ok as for coming up with patter goes here's some advice. This is what they taught us at Tannens Magic Camp.

    Take a piece of paper and write down 5 things that you love BESIDES magic. It could be sports, another hobby, a tv show, anything. Now below that, write down 5 tricks that you perform the most.

    Now here's what you do. Take one of those things from the top list and try to apply it to one of the trick on the bottom list. Use one of your interests as the theme for one of those tricks. You'd be surprised at what you come up with.

    For example, what I did was this. I put down psychology as one of my interests and was able to apply it to the biddle trick. I said i could observe small eye movements caused by the mind and narrowed it down to half the deck. Then i narrowed it down to 5 cards using the same thing. the i counted those 5 cards, trying to see if he reacts differently to any of the cards. After i think i know which card is his, i talk about how the mind can't focus on more than one thing at one time. I would say "You see, if i point over there, you might look over there. If i look up at you, you look up at me and you never see me do a secret move. You see, i was able to take your card out from these 5 cards and put it back into the deck."

    That's just the presentation. None of its real. But it changes a simple trick into a full on demonstration.

    This is just a mere example of what you can do with the Two-List Method i described above.

    Hopefully this helps.


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