Stigmata or Control?

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  1. I'm going to go against the grain and urge you NOT to get Control.

    Pulse stops are never meant to be taken lightly, and if you only want to learn one to "be the guy who gets the best reactions," then to be perfectly frank you don't deserve to perform it.

    Think about this. The spectators literally see and feel you die. One girl I performed this for was practically in tears because she thought she'd done something wrong and almost killed me. I don't trust such an effect in the hands of someone who doesn't appreciate the emotional resonance.

    Jesus, am I the only one here who thinks this?
  2. Your absolutely right, you can't toss control around like it is a simple ACR, you have to really treat your audiences well with it otherwise it could end up bad for you.
  3. Mmm...

    Control is a brilliant effect... But yes, you really have to set up people before you perform it, and your presentation needs to be super good. In fact, control is all about presentation, I have never seen a trick where so much presentation is needed for it to be prefect.
    Kaos is also very good, although in Kaos you really have to master the sleight of hand involved (controlling, palming, etc.)
    Both are impromptu, but Control you usually can't do on the street. So, basically, it all depends on what you're really looking for.
  4. mmm.......... yeah I gues, I wont get control maybe stigmata, but ill probabbly get KAOS... and a 1on1...

    and I dont think im a punk, more of an emo lol

    well, maybe not either, I dunno. lol

    oh well
  5. How experienced are you? How much have you performed for other people? Things like this helps alot.

    I think Control/Pulse stops effects in general is one of the strongest effects you can do, but it needs to be done by someone with a serious character wich people will belive in for maximum impact.

    Also i dont see pulse stops just as a trick, i see it as a piece of theater becaus you have to be able to act like your really doing it. If you can pull that of its great.

    Also, as with most mentalism type of effects you have to be able to handle the reactions, alot of people can get really uncomfortable with what your doing, becaus your not doing "tricks" your doing something "super natural".
  6. well I do do "mentalism" but the reactions aren't always that good, so I probably need to make it scarier... or more, "strange", lol I can do all the slight of hand, I practice, I make the presentation good, patter good as well, but it doesn't really "work". lol

    oh well
  7. What mentalism do you do? And where have you learnt from?

    Mentalism does not need to be scarry, infact Banachek and Richard osterlind wich is two of the top mentalists today is not scarry or strange at all.
  8. well the first magic I ever learnt was from my parents freind, he showd me the french drop. then after about 2 years I learnt some more magic from a "guardian" (news paper) special, were david blaine revealed some of his tricks. then I have learnt some from the internet, and stuff like that, and the libary.

    the only real mentalism I can do is forcing a card and prediction.

    I know it doesnt need to be scary but itd be nice to get some MASIVE reactions.

    and control and stigmata both get reactions...

    KAOS does to.

    and also, once I have perfected my tricks, I want to start busking.

    so I want some tricks that can get masive reactions with the right performance.

    oh well...
  9. I want you to stay as far away from dark magic as possible. You clearly aren't ready to even attempt it.

    How is this a situation which warrants a lol?

    You're obviously still doing something wrong. If you're not getting reactions, it's not the material you're using, it's all you.

  10. Another Question, where did you learn sleight of hand and what did sleights do you know?

    If we know this it will be easier to help you.
  11. I know,a few forces, a few false shuffles, how to palm a card, how to make a break, double lift... things like that (basics).

    I learnt the sleights from the internet.... youtube... stuff like that, and from the newspaper special...

    so basicly I havnt been tought (sp?) very well, but Ive practised an awfull lot of what I know, and I can do most of the sleights invisble and well...

    I can do performance, even though it probabbly doesnt sound like it. well I THINK I can, and ive been told by people who can do magic that do it very well....

  12. For the love of George Romero... There's your handicap! You learned unethically from the worst teachers imaginable.

    Don't get Stigmata, don't get Control, don't get Chaos. Invest in Royal Road to Card Magic, Modern Coin Magic, or something from Michael Ammar's Miracle series.
  13. My advice would be to get a book or a dvd on basic card sleights.

    I recommend Ellusionist Crash course 1 and 2, they are very beginer friendly and easy to learn from, you will learn how to do alot of sleights the right way, and how to use missdirection and showmanship.

    Get theese two dvd and Stigmata amd you will get the reactions you want.

    Its all about learning the basics the right way.

    You wont do that from youtube.

    Dont try to be dark, just be yourself.
  14. The Crash series will do you better.

    Just keep in mind that learning magic off of YouTube is like learning sign language from a chimpanzee that learned sign language from a badly translated Japanese video game.
  15. How much money can you get? Tell me your budget and i will give you some advice on what to get.
  16. very very very true


    I can get... £10 a month, I have £55 but im going shopping with friends so im only going to spend £15 of it...

    so I have £15 and my birthday is in 3 days so ill probably get some money then.

  17. Get crash course 1 and 2 if you can afford it, the teaching on it is great, and it will keep you bussy for months.
  18. Well jaydinho, I dont think Control was supposed to be only for school, it is for many places

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