Stigmata or Control?

May 19, 2008

m new on these forums and I was wondering which magic tick is more "powerful"




or anything else...

I wanna know which is more powerful because I wanna get one of them but I want to get the one that gets the best reactions...

also... I do know how to do stigmata but I cant do it very well... (presentation and misdirection).

Stigmata becouse its the ultimate impromtu effect and it has so many different applications. But Control its a awsome powerful effect but whos going to stop there pulse for people at school its one of those effects for an audience that you have set up for it.


James Wise Magic

Elite Member
Dec 28, 2007
I would say get both because they are both very very powerful!

I guess get stigmata first then control, but seriously don't pass up control.
Dec 5, 2007
stigmata all the way
you have no idea the reactions i get from people after i do stigmata

control just seems kinda phoney to me
im not putting it down im just saying that i would rather do stigmata because its more visual and in my opinion more practical

but hey if you perform control all power to ya
Apr 5, 2008
Stigmata is better.

TORN and KAOS is not as good as the effect you will get with stigmata.

I would go for stigmata if your choosing just amongst the tricks above.

You would be amazed with the reactions you'd get with it.
Dec 17, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
KAOS is a bit iffy to me.

I still say go with Stigmata - it's the best impromptu effect.. well, one of them anyway. But didn't you say you already knew how to do it?
May 19, 2008
yes I do know how to do it, but I dont always do it "perfectly", (like the marks just dont appear)

and I also only really know how to do the card version.

some OTHER tricks I like are...

(but i dont know how to do them)

schwing (1 on 1) were you can make any selected card rise...



hover/hummer card

and almost anything by d+m

BUT I have a very small budget (sp?) of £15 so I want to make sure I get something REALLY awsome...

I COULD just get some 1 on 1s they seem quite cool

which is why im asking about all these differant effects... (I dont want to "waste" my money)
May 3, 2008
I recommend getting stigmata and the T11 one on ones.
Stigmata gets every audience reacting no matter how many hecklers there are.
The bit with the name prediction isnt exactly the best though.
And i agree with the first page people. you may need to get a feel of your audience before you can do control
May 19, 2008
well ive decided that ill either buy KAOS or some 1on1s but I want to know if KAOS is impromtu or not (or is this exposing)

and if I chose 1on1s I would get 2/3/4 and make a routine out of it...

even though stigmata seems awsome (and is awsome) I like the idea of KAOS more...

ill probabbly pick up stigmata up eventually though...
Sep 1, 2007
is KAOS any good???

Well, both Stigmata and Control are impromptu... but it all depends :)

If you have cards, then Stigmata is the effect but as the artists say, Control is great to use if you go empty-handed. Control has more uniqueness as it doesn't require cards and your spectators like to see other dimensions of magic, not necessarily card magic.

KAOS gets the reactions, so I definitely recommend it, only if it is presented well :)
May 10, 2008
it really depends what audience in my opinion. If you're like me, performing to a bunch of high schoolers, Stigmata gets crazy reactions. On the other hand, a more serious or mature audience would think control is a miracle (ie dying and coming back to life, cant get much stronger)

But in te end, I would get Stigmata. Its much more flexible.

At least with both you get get people running away from you or in dead silence:)
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