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  1. As magicans we all have certain things we do when we go out and work our magic, this is my list of tricks i do to people and all this depends on if i have had time to prepare or not but please enjoy.

    Opener- Rapture by edward boswell
    Staring- Ambitious card routine
    Mid Card- Ishkibibble Sandwhich or Simplex3Fly
    Lower Card- Jones Spellbound or Cardistry
    Finisher- Confinement by Phil Dacosta

    *Now let me know your routines on the street, keep in mind that you can post the one you do when you have prepared or the one you do completly improptu, just state which beforehand.
  2. Opener- A reading of the The Great Gatsby*.
    Then- Dance recital to the song Not A Pretty Girl by Ani Difranco.
    Followed by- My Interpretation of Chopin's No. 3: Polonaise in F minor played by rapping my knuckles on my head.
    Closer- ....wait a second....

    You make Rapture your opener? :confused:

    - Steve

    * Originated by Mr. Andy Kaufman
  3. Yes i made rapture my opener because it grabd people's attention very quickly.
  4. The only problem with Rapture as an opener is that it's not big enough for the streets. You need something that can grab attention, and draw a crowed. Rapture plays well for closeup, but only a few people can really see it. Something like linking rings, or something with a large visibility range would actually be a better choice.
  5. It depends what's being discussed; street magic or busking. Further, it depends on what kind of busking; a circle show, a sidewalk show and a doorway show are all different scales of performance with different challenges.

    I've busked a sidewalk show for a few years opening with a one coin routine using a Peace dollar; Kozmo does the same thing. The biggest challenge is to get the first group to stop - once a couple people are watching, others will join in. It's fine to move from close-up tricks to parlour/platform scaled things once you have a decent sized crowd.

    But the original poster's set sounds like 'street magic' as it's all card tricks. Am i correct in assuming that?

    Also, there's a million ways to stop the first spectators; banging a wand on the table, yelling "Magic show, starting any minute now" or as Kozmo does, throw a coin at the feet of a passerby and tell them to watch it, they won't believe it. This also depends on the kind of show you do.

    For what it's worth, my set is;

    -one coin routine
    -coins to cup or coins across*
    -Chicago Surprise*
    -hat line 1
    -rope routine*
    -cups and balls part one
    -hat line 2
    -cups and balls part 2
    -hat line 3

    The asterisked things are optional; as soon as I get a big enough crowd, I'll go to the finish of the show. More shows per hour, more hats, more money.
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    Now I'm always prepared even when I'm not prepared because I always have fraud dollar bills, loops, rubberbands and other gimmicks in my wallet so I'm always ready for anything.
    Opener: Sponge Ball or Invisible Deck
    Middle 1: Sandwich Routine
    Middle 2: Ambitious Card
    Middle 3: Card Transpo or Card to Mouth
    Optional Middles: Fraud, Crazy Man Handcuffs, Pixel, Levitating objects, iPredict+ or iForce.
    Ender: Mindreading, Omni Deck and then Dresscode.

    Also you should try something else other than Rapture. To me I don't really see it being an amazing opener. Maybe something like vertigo.

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