Stud playing cards are back!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Qaiser S., Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Studs are back, just found these at Walgreens!
    I work there and I totally bought their whole stock cause I thought they were old and they just happened to still have some, but I came home and it looks like they've begun reprinting them.
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  3. Yeah I have a few of the play rights, I work at walgreens, I asked my boss and she said the play rights were being discontinued and replaced with the studs again haha back and forth
  4. That's cool! I prefer the Stud Design. Plus, I think they'll come back in both colors, right?
  5. Yeah I bought blue ones too! Might keep some sealed just in case they decide to do away with them again
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  6. I didn't realize they had left. I love studs! Walgreens is where I get my cards if I have to get them last minute.
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  7. I didn't see this thread till now, I only learned about this after watching Magic Orthodoxy's video about it yesterday.

    So, not having gone in my local Walgreens for several years, I went in there this afternoon.

    Not only did I find the Stud decks, but I found a few others.... and they were running a pretty decent sale where you could buy two decks of equal value for half price each - basically 2 for the price of one.

    So I got all these for a total of $39.50 with tax.

    Seemed like a decent deal to me.
  8. I don't think Play Rights are Studs with a different design. They feel totally different to me. Stock AND finish. Still pretty neat cards though.

    Happy that Studs are being reprinted. Any news on whether the stock and finish will be the same? I loved the softness of the Studs. I hope that doesn't change.
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  9. Thanks for sharing this Card.
  10. I bought them at walgreens too. They feel really nice and the back design is elegant.
  11. Just picked up a deck today! Also, Walgreens might become my new place to go buy cards. There are always good deals on them (today they had a BOGO Free on a ton of decks!), and there are some rare decks that are sold.
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  12. My local Walgreens just got them back in stock and I cleaned them out
  13. Just got 1 red and 1 blue Stud decks from Walgreens (USPCC 2017, UPC is the same on both decks - 073854023877, $2.99/ea) To me, it looks like they are printed on the same stock as Bicycle Standard decks, I see/feel no difference. (The store also had the same decks with Jumbo index, but I did not care for those.)

    What strikes me odd is that all Stud decks they had on display had no tuck seal and no cello wrappings. Instead, they just had those regular clear hang tabs attached. Upon closer examination, I saw that each deck had just traces of the tuck seals, as if someone had carefully removed them. No remains of the actual paper, but rather faint traces of glue, especially along the seal's edges. Other than that, the tuck cases and the cards inside seem totally fine, no creases, no signs of handling.

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  14. That's strange. They may have been bought and returned or something

    Mine had a seal (I know because I ripped the printing off part of the box trying to take it off lol), and I'm fairly certain there was cellophane
  15. I think I figured it out. The problem is that those new Studs indeed have no cello wrappings. When those decks are places on display at a store, employees simply attach sticky hang tabs to the back of each tuck case, i.e. directly to the seal. After a while, the seal starts peeling off under the deck's weight, and the deck falls down, leaving the tab and the seal on the hook. Then employees attach new hang tabs, this time directly to the decks, and place them back on display.

    Another curious thing about Walgreen's is that their prices are set individually by each store, i.e. you will see different prices on the same item, depending on which store you go to.

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